Topper Cap Sizes

Lusta Hair Toppers come in three cap sizes // 7x7 inch, 8x8 inch and 9x9 inch.

The caps are measured from front to back and side to side. Hence, a 7x7 cap would measure seven inches from the front to the back of the cap, and seven inches from the left to the right at the widest point when the cap is stretched to its full size. The topper is a circular shape and curves around the side-to-side and front to back measurements.

Each cap size is constructed in the same way. The only difference with the larger cap sizes is that they contain more rows of wefts to offer greater coverage. It doesn’t have a significant impact on the hair density either.

To find the cap size that would best suit your personal needs you can use a measuring tape to compare how the cap sizes would fit over your head.

For instance, if you are interested in a 7x7 cap, measure seven inches and place it on your head between your ears roughly where you plan on wearing your topper to see where the clips would sit on each side once the topper is clipped into your hair. Additionally, you can place the measurement back to front to see approximately where the back clip will attach. This process can be repeated with the other sizes, 8x8 and 9x9 by holding the measuring table at eight and nine inches respectively. This gives a rough estimate for where the clips would likely sit on your scalp for each size. It is important to ensure the clips will not sit in an area that could be uncomfortable if you plan to wear your Lusta Hair topper for prolonged periods.

The 7x7, 8x8 and 9x9 toppers all give a healthy and full appearance to your hair, with minimal visible difference between them when you are wearing them as all sizes have the same hair density. Instead the size relates to where the clips will sit while you are wearing your topper. Therefore, your decisions between the sizes should be based on where you would like the clips to sit that will be most comfortable for you. Additionally, the larger cap sizes provide more coverage at the back of your head, as they sit slightly lower.

Lusta Hair does not produce many toppers that are smaller than the 7x7, as the majority of women impacted by androgenic alopecia experience hair loss mainly on the crown of the head. Therefore, it is important that topper clips do not sit in this area, as the hair is often fragile and can potentially be further damaged from the topper clips. Thus, it is beneficial to choose a topper with a cap size of at least 7x7 to avoid clipping into this sensitive area. The larger sizes are super comfy!

The 7x7 cap is ideal if you would like a topper with a smaller surface area. The 8x8 cap will give you an additional inch front to back and side-to-side to stretch over your head. Additionally, the 8x8 cap appears the same as the 7x7 cap when you are wearing it but does provide slightly more coverage on the back then a 7x7 cap, as it sits slightly lower. The 9x9 cap is often referred to as a three quarter wig, as it sits lower at the back of your head and provides the most coverage of the three topper sizes. It is super luxe!

If you are still unsure about which cap size will suit you best please contact the Lusta Hair team through or on instagram for expert personal advise.

Here are some great videos showing you our topper caps //


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