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A Lace Front Wig will have your back!

Lace-front wigs are the best choice for those who don’t have hair to blend with a piece or don’t want to worry about blending. A Lace-Front wig gives you the illusion of a natural hairline. For people with total hair loss, it’s a game changer! In fact, that’s what one of our wigs is called, ‘the Game Changer’. It has silicone grip inside the cap so that it grips to your head and stays secure all day long. The Game Changer Wig is designed with women with no hair in mind- it's super secure and snug to your head (you can wear it on a roller coaster and it still won't budge). In saying that, the Game Changer is also great for women with hair as it's our most comfortable cap design.

Our other Lace-Front option is the Lace-Front Essentials Wig. The Lace-front Essentials Wig has the same cap as our Essentials Wig, but with an added lace-front. This means that the cap has clips and combs, so you can attach them to your own bio hair for more security. However, the clips and combs are totally optional!

At Lusta, all our wigs are completely glueless and tapeless, so they’re hassle-free.

How Do I Get One?!

1. Book your FREE Virtual Chat with our hair-wearing experts. You'll recieve a personalised PDF after your chat, that will guide you toward which piece will be right for you.

2. Purchase your piece from our website. We ship for FREE worldwide.

3. Book your Unboxing Chat to help you get adjusted with your new hair!

Or, you might want to consider a non Lace Front Wig!

If you have your own bio hair to blend with your wig, or would like to add bangs (a fringe) to your piece, you may like to opt for an Essentials Wig. An Essentials wig has those clips and combs that in the cap which you can use to make your wig more secure, but it doesn’t have that lace-front to create a realistic hairline. However, if you have your own hair to blend with the piece, an Essentials Wig is a great option. If you’re adding a bangs cut to your piece, you also don’t need to worry about the hairline as it will be covered by the bangs.

Why not a topper?

Based on your answers, you may find it easier to wear a wig rather than a topper. The benefit of a wig is that you don’t have to worry about what your hair is doing- you can just throw it on and go! Another benefit of a wig is that if you experience more hair loss, or a patch of hair loss suddenly decides to pop up (ahh, the unpredictability of hair loss, am I right?!), you’re covered, literally!

However, if you think a topper would still be better for you, you can definitely look into them. If you’d like to chat more, you can book a time to chat or send us an email.