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Ultra Realistic. Super Breathable. Luxury.


Meet Lace Toppers.

Lace Toppers are the new girls at Lusta Hair, but they're already so loved. Lace Toppers are an ultra-realistic, super breathable option which are awesome for styling. Due to their construction, they're also lower density than silk tops, meaning they're super light and breezy.

Lace tops are a perfect option for frontal-fibrosing alopecia or receding hair line gals. They give you the benefit of a lace-front (no bending needed!), whilst still being able to show your natural hair underneath. Think of lace toppers as the perfect stepping stone between a topper and a wig.


Lace Top Pros

The benefits of Lace Tops

  • Light-weight and breathable

  • Ultra-realistic

  • Great for styling

  • Lower density


Things to Consider

Is a lace top right for you?

  • Due to delicacy of Lace Tops, they often don't last as long as Silk Toppers. (Expect 1 year from a Lace Top vs. 2-3 years from a Silk Top)

  • If you have a strong hair line at the front to blend, you may prefer a silk top topper.

  • The 'return hairs' (the other side of the hand tied knot) is exposed on lace top pieces, compared to silk tops where the return hairs are concealed in a layer of material.

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