You're a....



Sounds like you're a topper babe!

Toppers are the perfect choice for women who want to blend their own hair with a hair piece. What makes toppers so amazing? Toppers give you instant volume and coverage for thinning hair, hair loss and widening partlines. They gently clip into your own hair and work with gravity rather than against it (like hair extensions do) so they don’t create more hair loss.  

In terms of the colour and length of your topper, the sky’s the limit! If you’ve been searching for the perfect match for your own hair we’ll help you find it. Or, if you want to change up your look with a different colour, we’ll make it happen. Our colours are naturally dimensional to look ultra realistic and #pinterestworthy.

Toppers really are the ONLY solution that works 100% of the time for hair loss. They are SO easy to maintain (you only need to wash them once a month!).

Our pieces are made with 100% finest quality remy human hair, which means they last up to 3 years with excellent care and are able to be styled any way you like!

Or Maybe You'd Prefer to Try a Wig?

How Do I Get One?!

1. Book your FREE Virtual Chat with our hair-wearing experts. You'll recieve a personalised PDF after your chat, that will guide you toward which piece will be right for you.

2. Purchase your piece from our website. We ship for FREE worldwide.

3. Book your Unboxing Chat to help you get adjusted with your new hair!

Or, you might want to consider a wig!

However, maybe you don’t want to worry about what your own bio hair is doing at all! If so, wigs are about to be your new best friends! Wigs can seem a little intimidating, but at Lusta we make it super easy.

All our wigs are completely glueless and tapeless, so they’re hassle-free. Some women find it easier to tuck all their hair up underneath a wig cap, so they don’t need to worry about blending. Lusta Hair stocks two types of wigs- Lace-Front pieces and non-Lace-Front pieces.

Non-Lace Front pieces are like toppers, in the way you still blend the front of your hair to create a realistic hairline, but they cover your whole head. Lace-front wigs have, as the name suggests, a lace-front. The lace-front gives the illusion of a natural hairline and looks super realistic. They’re a perfect choice for those who don’t want to blend their own hair, or don’t have the hair to blend at the front.

If you want to find out more about our wigs, click HERE, or book a free virtual chat to have all those hairy questions you have answered.