Every day in November they'll be a new activity for you to take part in. Hair loss can be a difficult journey, but you don't have to do this alone! Think of this month as a bootcamp to help make going through hair loss a little bit easier.

We're on a mission to break the stigma on female hair loss and wearing alternative hair. Let's do this together!

How to Get Involved:

1. Check the below calendar each day to find out the theme of the day.

2. Complete the actitiy and post your pic! You can post your pic to your own instagram account with the hashtag #wearthehairmonth and tag @lusta.hair. Or, send us your pics privately to our instagram DMs.

3. Be part of the community































1st- Write Down Your Hair Goals

Let's set our intentions for this month of reclaiming our confidence and WEARING THE HAIR!
Have a think about what your personal goals are. How do you want to feel at the end of this month? More powerful? Stronger?
Is there anything you want to achieve? Telling someone about your hair loss? Purchasing your first piece?
Now's the time to set your goals. Write them down and if you'd like to share them post on your instagram with the hashtag #wearthehairmonth or send us a private Instagram message!

2nd- Write Positive Affirmations

There's a lot of inner work to be done on your hair loss journey. There's no overnight fix or a way to miraciously make you feel better about your hair loss. But there are steps you can take to get you there.

Today we're writing down positive affirmations. When we start to speak positively about ourselves, our lives and the future, we're literally training our brains to feel good.

Some prompts to get you started:
Today I will.... [love myself unconditionally, be fearless....]
I am.... [powerful, loved, successful, brave....]
I don't.... [waste my energy on anxieties, listen to what others think of me.....]

If you'd like to share them post on your instagram with the hashtag #wearthehairmonth or send us a private Instagram message!

3rd- Write a Letter to Yourself

Write yourself an honest letter about how you're feeling about your hair loss. Get it all out. We spend so much time trying to cope with it, be okay with it, even trying to be positive about it, but I give you permission to be mad, sad, say "why me", all those things you feel sometimes. Let it out, and if you're comfortable feel free to share it with us at Lusta!

4th- Download the Lusta eBook

Have you read the Lusta eBook yet?! What? You haven't?

Let's all read the eBook together. In it you'll read about hair loss, our personal journeys and everything you need to know about wearing hair. We'll be going live on our Instagram today and doing a reading of our favourite chapters.

Download the eBook here.

Then send us a selfie of you reading the eBook, or post it on your instagram and tag us!

5th- Find a Hype Song

Find that song that makes you feel UNSTOPPABLE every time. We all have one. That song that comes on the radio and you ALWAYS have to turn it up. That song that got you through a super hard time. Find that hype up song and listen to it on repeat today.

Add your song to the playlist HERE: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3oUDnHDutKsXewQVfPG0gZ?si=fc41b2fa862441f1&pt=e64766758b3853bc02bfb6010d0d3553 

And then put it on our collaborative Lusta Spotify Playlist.... this playlist will be there for you whenever you need. Made entirely by other women going through a similar journey to you. How cool is that?

Share the song on your Instagram story or in a post and be sure to tag us @lusta.hair

6th- Let's Chat

Let's have a chat aka DM us day!

Hair loss can feel super isolating, but we are always, always here to talk with you. Send us a message on Instagram today. It can be about whatever you want! Wearing hair, hair loss, what you're watching on netflix right now or just even say 'hi!'.

We know there's so many of you out there that haven't reached out yet. So we're going to make the first move! This is your open invite to start the conversation with us. So come say hi! We want to meet YOU!

7th- Hair Bingo

Time for a game!

Head over to the Lusta Hair instagram and you'll find our own version of 'bingo'.

Share the post to your story and circle/cross off the ones that apply to you. Make sure to tag us! @lusta.hair

8th- Hair Loss Queens

Did you know we have our own private Facebook group full of hair loss queens from all over the world?! It's an incredible community of women who are always there to support one another, give tips and share experiences. Because it's a private group, you don't need to worry about your friends on Facebook seeing you're in it.

Click HERE to join the group. Make your first post today introducing yourself- let us know your name, where you're from and how you found us!

9th- Get Active

Let's get sweaty!

Exercise is such a great way to produce endorphins (our body's 'feel good' chemical). Do something physical today- whether it's running, hitting the gym, going for a swim or even just a walk with a friend. Take a photo and tag us!

10th- Book a Chat

Today is the day to book a time to chat!

And no, this isn't just if you're looking to purchase a piece- we just want to chat with you! We can talk about anything, including;

  • Your hair loss journey
  • What it's like to wear hair for the first time
  • Our own experiences wearing hair
  • Which piece might work for you
  • Our pets, our partners or our favourite netflix show 😂

Click HERE to book your free chat. We've cleared our schedules and can't wait to chat with you!

11th- Pony Tail

It's pony tail day!

Post a pic on Instagram or to your Instagram story (or just send it to us!) of you wearing your hair (topper, wig, bio hair, whatever), up in a pony tail. We'll all be sporting our own pony tails today in the office, so head over to our Instagram for some inspo.

12th- Post Your Favourite Photo

We all that have photo of ourselves which is our favourite. Maybe you're wearing your brand new piece and just can't stop looking at your luscious locks. Or maybe it's from the best day of your life, where everything just felt perfect. Post it to your instagram or share it to your story (or just send it directly to us!) Make sure to tag us xx

13th- Curly hair

Show off your curls!

Whether it's some soft waves in your topper or wig or your natural bio hair, we want to see your curled hair pics! Post a pic to your instagram or instagram story and be sure to tag us (or send it just to us!)

14th- "Me" Day

Today is about giving ourselves a little self-love. It's so important to do positive things for yourself every once in a while and treat yourself with love. Do something just for yourself today.

Some ideas are;

  • Having a nice relaxing bubble bath with your favourite chocolates
  • Going out to see a movie
  • Shopping trip!
  • Writing in a diary or journalling
  • Going for a walk in your favourite place
  • Having a girls night out (or in!)

Post a pic of yourself or your 'me day' activity and make sure to tag us @lusta.hair or send us your photos via DM

15th- Toppers vs. Wigs

Are you #teamtopper or #teamwig (or #teamboth). Hop over to our Instagram and answer the poll in our stories.

Then post a pic in your topper or wig and tag us (or send it directly to us).

16th- Pink Day

On Wednesday's we wear pink!

We're all dressing up in pink today 💗 Whether it's something small like a scrunchie or a whole outfit, post your #pinkday selfie with the hashtag #wearthehairmonth and tag us! Or send us your pics to our instagram DMs.

17th- Wash & Restyle

Let's give those toppers and wigs a little bit of TLC. It's wash day! We'll be going LIVE today and washing and restyling a piece, get your piece out and follow along with us.

For some tips on washing and restyling check out these videos:
How to Wash
How to Blow Dry and Straighten
How to Curl

18th- Live Chats

Today we're hosting a live chat! Head over to our private Hair Loss Queens Facebook group at 1pm ACDT and join us for a LIVE CONSULT. This is such a great way to get all your hair-wearing questions answered and meet other hair loss queens.

19th- Straight Hair

Let's put straight hair in the spotlight! Post a pic of you wearing your topper, wig or bio hair straight. Be sure to tag us or send us the pics.

20th- Take Yourself Out

It's time to treat yourself again!

Take yourself out somewhere today. It could be something as simple as going out for a walk or to get a coffee. Or you could go out to your favourite restaurant or see a movie.

Post a pic of yourself and tag us! Or send us your picture via DM.

21st- Accessory Day

We're OBSESSED with accessories at Lusta. Post a pic today wearing your favourite hair accessory and be sure to tag us ❤️

Some ideas are;

  • Scrunchies
  • Clip
  • Claw clip
  • Head scarf
  • Head band

Can't wait to see your pics!

22nd- Colour Match Me

Have you had your colour match with Lusta yet?!

Today send us some pics of your hair in direct natural lighting and we'll suggest your perfect Lusta (or Clingy) colour match. Here are some more tips for taking pics for colour matching. https://lustahair.com/pages/colour-matching 

And if you aren't matching to your bio hair, that's fine! Send us your inspiration pics and we'll suggest the best colour for you.

You can get your free colour match by sending us a DM on instagram or reaching out via email.

23rd- Buy The Hair

Today's the day!

If you've been considering purchasing a wig or topper for a while but haven't been ready to take the plunge, this is your sign.

If you're looking at purchasing a Lusta piece, send us a message today and we can help!

24th- Gratitude

Sometimes we take the little things in life for granted.

Today, write down 3 things that you're grateful for. It could be anything from your family, to friends, to your pets! Write them down and post your list on Instagram (and tag us!) or send your gratitude list directly to us. We're sharing our own lists on the stories today.

25th- This or That

Time for a fun game!

Head over to our instagram to see our game of this or that. Take a screenshot of the list, and share it to your own story. Circle your choices and be sure to tag us!

26th- Share Your Story

Sharing your hair journey can be difficult. It can feel so overwhelming.

Today's the day to be brave! You can share your story with us and choose for us to share it with the Lusta community or with a friend or family member. Talking about hair loss with someone can truly help.

27th- Lusta Twist

Time for another hair style! Today, the Lusta Twist! Don't know the Lusta Twist? Click HERE for a tutorial.

Post your pics on instagram and tag us (or DM them to us on instagram)

28th- Selfies


Send us your selfies on Instagram or post them to your Instagram and tag us. Remeber to use the hashtag #wearthehairmonth

29th- Reflection

We're nearly at the end of the month. Woah...what a ride it's been.

Today's the day to reflect on your goals and what you've learnt over this month. Have any feelings or thoughts come to the surface? Where do you want to go from here?

You can share your reflections on instagram or share with us via DM.

30th- Take The Plunge

'Taking the Plunge' looks different for everyone. Remember those goals we wrote down on Day 1? Today is the day to take the plunge and make them happen. Maybe it's time to take the plunge and share with your bestie your hair loss journey. Maybe it's time to take the plunge and buy your first piece. Maybe it's time to take the plunge and start speaking positively to yourself about hair loss. Whatever it may be, we're all doing this together ❤️