ASH EMPIRE WIG // 16-18 Inches
$1,400.00 AUD

OK, can you please look at this FULL WIG! This was from our first batch of orders from when the amazing Holly jumped aboard the Lusta Team. This colour is fabulous and works with soo many different skin tones. This piece has had the Lusta Signature Cut and has also had a subtle root added to create a more natural looking part line. 

This piece was never listed on the website as the hair is EVER SO SLIGHTLY more drier than our standard hair quality. We are super FUSSY about quality over here and your jaw would drop if you saw all the pieces that never actually make it to the website (for the tiniest imperfections).

However, this piece is only SLIGHTLY more dry - maybe 15% drier (if that can even make sense haha). Sometimes I actually prefer this style of hair as the texture and feel is more similar to my actual bio hair. Not everyone can have fabulous silky hair all the time! 


This colour has no words except for, genius. It is an ashy blend of light brunette and darker/medium blonde. The roots are custom added by our amazing style team and we have also added an ashy toner. This colour would suit any blonde babes that what to channel some Hayley Bieber vibes.

This was only worn around the office and we also filmed a couple of videos in it! 

CAP // Medium-Large Size - This wig is in between a medium and large size. The circumference will work for 54-58 cm. It has adjustable straps/clips and combs to keep it secure. We will also include a wig grip for you so you can secure it further.

LENGTH // 16-18 - such a perfect length. Should fall just below the shoulders. Perfect for all seasons. This can be tied into a ponytail as well.

4x4 SILK TOP for multidirectional part lines - you can move the parting to the left, right, backwards or forwards! Awesome!

This piece can be customised further if you wanted to add bangs or a darker/longer root colour or Pinterest 'SAVE WORTHY' balayage.  

I have tried to capture the lighting as best as I can, but you all know how tricky lighting can be - it is a cheeky little bugger!

All products from Kimberly's Closet cannot be returned or swapped.

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Air dries straight. Highest quality Remy Human Hair.

Standard medium density 120-130%.

Lusta Hair makes every effort to display the true colour of each piece. However, hair colour can differ visually depending on lighting, screen brightness and calibration.

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