Miss Independent // 8X8 18-21 Inches
$1,390.00 AUD

Where are all my dark brunette mermaids? This piece has your name all over it! You don't understand how many compliments I received from you girls whenever I would wear this piece on my Instagram stories. Honestly, my head was growing way too much that it is definitely time to sell this piece - need to remain humble. I never thought such a dark brunette would suit me, but I guess the people spoke. The answer was YES YES YES. But now it's time for another babe to OWN it like a BOSS! I literally only wore this 3 times! Basically new!

Don't say I didn't warn you....BUT, you will be turning heads and stopping traffic and all that etc etc!

The fabulous Lusta Style Team have added a darker balayage to this beauty, which means deeper root colouring and low lights.


This is the most beautiful warm dark brunette I have ever laid my eyes on. Well obviously, because I HAD to HAVE it! This piece is slightly darker than my own bio hair but it just blended so well! The toppers just honestly work their magic. The balayage is about a level 2 dark brunette.

CAP // 8X8 - our most popular cap size - perfecto plus! Please don't be scared by larger caps, they are actually goals! It is super stretchy and will perfectly mould to your head shape - undetectable, if I say so myself! 

LENGTH // 18-21 INCHES - sits below your shoulders and maybe a bit longer but this always depends on your own face, neck and shoulder measurements. This piece has some soft face framing layering so it is ready to wear as soon as it arrives to you! No mucking around here!

4x4 SILK TOP for multidirectional part lines - you can move the parting to the left, right, backwards or forwards! Awesome!

This piece can be customised further if you wanted to add bangs or a darker/longer root colour or Pinterest 'SAVE WORTHY' balayage. 

BONUS! This piece already has the LUSTA SIGNATURE CUT AND BALAYAGE! SCORE! So perfectly layered at the front with the shortest later nicely framing the face around 15-16 inches. This piece features in our website video...made famous by our girl! Shoutout to Yasmin!

I have tried to capture the lighting as best as I can, but you all know how tricky lighting can be - it is a cheeky little bugger! I hope you can see the rich warm undertones of the piece.

All products from Kimberly's Closet cannot be returned or swapped.

You will receive your piece with FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING and the FULL LUSTA PACKAGING - because we can't let you miss our on all that goodness!



Air dries straight. Highest quality Remy Human Hair.

Standard medium density 120-130% (see FAQ on how our density works).

Toppers are sent uncut. You are advised to bring the piece to your stylist (if required) to thin out the front and blend the topper with your own natural hair so it is perfect for you. Wigs are all cut before they are shipped as part of a complimentary service.

You can add bangs/fringes to any topper or wig.

Toppers and wigs can be darkened by a trained stylist but it is not recommended to lighten the piece as the bleach can ruin the integrity of the hair.

Lusta Hair makes every effort to display the true colour of each piece.However, hair colour can alter in different lighting, with different screen brightness and calibration.

See Return Policy for guidelines on purchasing.