Miss Independent 9x9 18-20" Topper

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Where are all my dark brunette mermaids? This piece has your name all over it! Don't say I didn't warn you....BUT, you will be turning heads and stopping traffic and all that etc etc!

The fabulous Lusta Style Team have added a darker balayage to this beauty, which means deeper root colouring and low lights.


This is the most beautiful warm dark brunette I have ever laid my eyes on. The balayage is about a level 2 dark brunette.

CAP SIZE // 9x9 - such a luxurious large cap - so comfy! Please don't be scared by larger caps, they are actually goals! It is super stretchy and will perfectly mould to your head shape - undetectable, if I say so myself! 

LENGTH // 18-20 INCHES - sits below your shoulders and maybe a bit longer but this always depends on your own face, neck and shoulder measurements.

4x4 SILK TOP for multidirectional part lines - you can move the parting to the left, right, backwards or forwards! Awesome!

This piece can be customised further if you wanted to add bangs or a darker/longer root colour or Pinterest 'SAVE WORTHY' balayage. 

You will receive your piece with FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING and the FULL LUSTA PACKAGING - because we can't let you miss our on all that goodness!