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Our founder, Kimberly, is no stranger to the world of alternative hair, and definitely not one to keep quiet about her #thinhairproblems. Ten years of living with genetically thin hair and the consistent late night Google search, ‘how do celebrities always have perfect hair?’, led her to the Emerald City of #hairgoals.

Not to be cliche, although she secretly loves a good cliche, discovering hair toppers was literally life changing for Kimberly. The ability to have envious locks in 60 seconds was the perfect low-maintenance solution. No more hair sprays, powders, teasing combs, dry shampoo, texture sprays…bla bla blahhhh.

We are finally going to bust the stigma that sitcoms have created of how a ‘toupee’ is perceived.

The Lusta mission will always be one of inner confidence and catwalk worthy hair.

This is not just a product. This is a movement.