5 Long Human Hair Wigs Perfect for Updo Styles

5 Long Human Hair Wigs Perfect for Updo Styles

Can you create an up-do style in a Human Hair Wig? We get this question ALL THE TIME! The answer is YES. You can do ponytails, braids, buns, and so much more ❤️️ I love being able to try different styles in my wig. At my sister's wedding, I was ecstatic that I didn't need to miss out on having the same hairstyle as the other bridesmaids. It was the BEST moment walking down the aisle with my long, beautiful ponytail! I felt confident, fearless, and, most importantly, myself.

When it comes to updos, we recommend wearing a wig that is more than 16". Although we are OBSESSED with bobs, long wigs are much easier to style. The options are endless!

5. Balayage of Empire 24"

I love the Balayage of Empire! The ashy brunette base, blonde highlights, and short rooting are complete perfection!

4. Balayage of Unicorn 23"

Next on the list is, Balayage of Unicorn! Yes, that's right, another Balayage. I can't get enough of them 😂 Imagine adding some curtain bangs. OH EM GEEEE 🤩 I've done this before, and it's my favourite look yet!! WATCH me create hair dreams!

3. Catching Feelings 18"

Don't want incredibly long hair? That's okay!! You can NAIL the perfect ponytail on a medium-length piece! And let's take a minute to look at this colour! It's no secret how much we love Catching Feelings!

2. Natural Darkest Brunette 24"

Ah! One of our OG colours! Lately, EVERYONE has been adding a piece like this to their wish list 🙈 Our Natural Darkest Brunette is soft unprocessed hair that can be lightened. Perfect opportunity to add some face-framing highlights, which would look fabulous in a messy bun.

1. Light Unicorn 24"

This piece is #weddinghairgoals 👰‍♀️ Our Light Unicorn is so angelic, and you can DEFINITELY achieve your dream braid or bun on your special day. If you look closer, the darker roots add a further natural feel. What's not to love? 😍


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