Read through the topper and wig reviews from our incredible Lusta girls ❤️

"So Long and Luxe"

Straight out of the box. Eeeek it’s so long and luxe! 💅🏻

"Amazing Topper"

I haven’t worn my hair down in so long as I’m so conscious of my hair loss. Last night I did with my amazing topper after @powderpuffhair cut it. I felt so good in it. First time hubby and I going out for dinner after having our third baby over a year ago 🥰😍

"I'll Never Wear Another Wig Again."

I can’t say enough great things about my Lusta wigs. I’ve had alopecia universalis for 14 years. Almost 4 years ago i purchased my first Game Changer wig, and I can tell you, I’ll never wear another wig again. The high quality was immediately evident.

I’ve worn this current wig EVERY SINGLE DAY for 14 months now. 12 hour work days with it braided or pulled up in a high ponytail, I workout, snowboard, swim. And this cap still fits my head perfectly (a little normal wear and tear of course), and the lace front is completely intact, and STILL sits flat against my forehead. Its not even frayed or wavy after daily wear. As I’m writing this, my 14 month old wig is up in a high, tight pony tail, NO headbands needed ✌️

"My Topper Has Changed My Whole Outlook on My Hair Loss Journey"

Firstly, thank you so much for the help you have provided. From the very start I felt in such safe hands. Speaking to Kim and knowing that she has been through the same as me felt like talking to a best friend that knows all your secrets and shares them too. It made the process to buying hair a whole lot easier.

Secondly I just want to say your customer service, follow ups and even packaging has been nothing but amazing! Who knew you could be so excited thinking about hairloss?!?

Lastly I want to say my topper has changed my whole outlook on my hairloss journey. Not only do I feel so confident on, but it also made me realise that not everyone notices hairloss. When I don’t wear my hair it’s the same me. I love having a topper, I’ve already taken her on so many date nights.

So thank you again Lusta Hair girls. You’ve made me a very happy and maybe a hair-addicted girl.

"I Cannot Wait for My Next Piece."

Coming up to our 1 year anniversary with my gorgeous lusta piece & I cannot wait to purchase my next piece ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you Team Lusta, you girls are amazing! And it was so so lovely to meet u all 😘

"It's Perfect"

We received the hair and it is EVERYTHING. It’s perfect. Thank you so much!

"I Get So Many Compliments."

Dear Lusta Girls, first of all thank you so much for the gorgeous wig! I went all in a few days ago and started to wear it every day. I get so many compliments! I‘m still getting used to the routine and styling but I already love it!

"I Feel So Much More Confident."

Received my wig today and I absolutely love it! It fits perfectly and the color is gorgeous!!!! I feel so much more confident and am so excited to go out wearing my new hair.

"Absolutely a Game Changer for Me!!"

Feeling so much more confident today. Got my Lusta topper last week and had it styled by my hairdresser today. OMG I am in love 💗 I have been admiring Lusta for a while and finally got my first hair piece. This is absolutely a game changer for me!!! Thanks to my amazing hairdresser in Sydney for sharing my joy and bringing this piece to life!!

"The Quality is Amazing."

I got my second topper and love it. My first topper ever is a year old now and I can still wear it🥰 The quality is amazing. Only a few hair fell out, so the density is still great!
I love my new topper too! It‘s silky and the colour matches my natural haircolour 100%.
Thank you very much❤️❤️

"I Can't Believe the Difference."

I’m so happy with how my wig looks. The color is just perfect! I can’t thank you enough for being so accommodating when it came to helping me find the right color. I’m so excited to show you the before and after photos. I can’t believe the difference!

I’m so grateful for your dedication to hair wearing, the Lusta brand, and for the service and support that you provide to your customers and followers. Your emails and videos, and the honesty, candidness, and encouragement within them have been so therapeutic!

"I Wear it Almost Everyday"

I bought this topper over a year ago. I wear it almost everyday and the quality is still so fantastic. I just wanted to say thank you for all the joy this topper has brought me! Thank you, thank you!

"I Am So Thankful that Lusta Exists."

I am so thankful that Lusta exists! My topper came in yesterday and OMG this is like all the hair dreams in a box. I have been suffering from thinning hair since I was about 20 years old, that makes about 13 years of thinning hair. I tried every supplement and treatment out there but nothing helped me to get a full head of hair. I wore my topper straight out of the box and did some late night bangs styling as well.

Today is my first day wearing it for a full day, I even wore it to my physiotherapy session today! She only noticed that I had bangs, mission accomplished. No one will notice it unless you tell them.

Thank you so much for this amazing feeling!

"I Am So Thankful that Lusta Exists."

OMG the most perfect hair!! I loved my first topper but this one is even better!!!! How can that be?!?!?! This is the most perfect match and the length is just stunning ❤️❤️❤️

"I Am So Lucky I Made My Purchase Through You"

I received my topper last week, it’s absolutely gorgeous! Perfect color, length , density etc. I am so lucky that I made my purchase through you, I’ve never had any toppers before and was a bit nervous how I would manage with it. Thank you all for your hard work and effort 😊

"Incredibly Realistic!"

I’m completely obsessed with my Lace Front Essentials! The hair washes beautifully and is easy to style. The hair line, part line and transition from silk to lace is incredibly realistic. And the custom balayage color is absolutely stunning!

"I Can't Thank You All Enough"

I am thrilled and feeling so emotional right now. I can’t thank all of you enough for the free resources and guidance that helped me make the decision to buy this stunning hair

"I Love it So Much"

I love it so much. It took a little adjustment period from blonde to brunette but wowwww. Got my man feeling like he’s cheating (thank you Cardi B) 😂😂

"The Most Beautiful Hair"

While wearing my Lusta topper I got told by two different people at work yesterday (I work in retail) that I had the “most beautiful hair!” and that my “hair is so gorgeous and healthy!” 😂 normally I tell people who comment on my hair that I’m wearing toppers or a wig, but I couldn’t do it this time because both of them were lovely older folks and super genuine. Made my day though!

"Love Getting This Extra Wear Out of my Bob Topper"

So I hadn't been wearing my bob topper much as my bio hair is about an inch longer now ... and who wears their topper with longer bio hair, right?! Well, turns out, I do! I thought why don't I pop it on and see if I can fashion a pony tail. And it worked! Unconventional I know, but it made me feel quite nostalgic as "back in the day" I could wear my hair like this, except these days I have a balding scalp and frizzy hair without my topper! Loving getting this extra wear our of my bob topper 💛

"All Of You Make the World a Better Place"

So I have to say that after five Lusta toppers I've ventured into my first wig. I absolutely love it. I put it on the way Kim puts it on and it works very well. The color is stunning and makes this old lady feel much much younger. The quality and comfort is amazing. This is straight out of the box I am not cutting it. I have trimmed and styled my toppers to look more like me but this one is staying as is, it's simply stunning. Thank you for making me feel so much better in my own skin. All of you make the world a better place, thank you.

"Love My New Topper"

Thank you!!! Love my new topper. Getting aquatinted with her. Low pony will help transition on work calls before I let it down

"Perfect Colour Match"

Just received today & we are getting acquainted… right outta the box and up in the scrunchie! Wore it out for Christmas lights & dinner. Perfect color match! ❤️

I am going to have it thinned & styled a little to fit my face better, but loving it up! 🥰 Thanks to all you awesome ladies for everything!

"I'll Be a Lusta for Life!"

YEEESSSSS Ladies!!!! This is straight out of the Box! As you know this is my 2nd purchase from Lusta within the last couple of months. (Yes I'm addicted to Lusta Wigs). A HUGE THANK YOU to Holly and the Ladies at Lusta for making my hair dreams come true (For the 2nd time 😉) ! My latest piece is unbelievably gorgeous. How is this not growing out of my head??!!! It looks so real!
When I came across Lusta on Instagram, I immediately connected with you Ladies. Your videos are authentic, real and your live Q& A sessions make me smile!
I can't say enough about how Amazing Lusta is as a company. You offer the most superior wigs and most amazing color options on the market. The hair is silky soft and is premium quality! Your customer service, speed of delivery and response time is unbelievable! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are all the BEST!! I'll be a Lusta for life!

"It Really Is So Beautiful"

Thank you guys for what you guys do! It really is so special and means the world to be able to feel beautiful and confident in this way where I have felt very self conscious of my bio hair for years and stressed constantly about how to make it look “ok”. Wearing hair is going to be a huge adjustment and I’m not sure I’m there quite yet for the daily wear but we are getting there slowly but surely :

"My Life Has Totally Changed."

…I have been hiding my gradual hair loss for the last 10+ years by always wearing my hair up in a bun and came to the realization a couple of months ago that it wasn’t working anymore and I needed to do something about it. I found the IG hair loss community and Lusta and am so grateful. I no longer feel alone or like the only person in the world who’s losing their hair.

I scheduled a consultation with Kim and she was so great! I sent pics of my bio hair to the team and I have no idea how they did it, but the topper they recommended is literally a perfect match for my bio hair. It’s GORGEOUS!!! Kim told me this topper would change my life and she was so right.

I started wearing my topper out of the house last week and while it was scary, I’m so glad I did it. I have only gotten positive, supportive feedback about how great my hair looks. My life has totally changed…..I love getting ready in the morning, I love what I see in the mirror, and I’m no longer consumed by anxiety over how far my hair loss might go. It doesn’t matter anymore and that’s such a huge weight lifted.

Thank you to Kim and the whole Lusta team!! You’ve got another Lusta girl for life! 🥰

"Definitely Worth Every Cent!"

I don’t have words for how happy and satisfied I am with my first topper! I feel so beautiful, and after a quite long time of hair loss this was just what I needed. The quality is 10/10, the size is just perfect and the colour is just what I wanted and blends perfectly with my bio hair!😍
Definitely worth every cent!
Thank you, I will definitely order more from you in the future, maybe even a wig 🤩💕

"Definitely Worth Every Cent!"

I don’t have words for how happy and satisfied I am with my first topper! I feel so beautiful, and after a quite long time of hair loss this was just what I needed. The quality is 10/10, the size is just perfect and the colour is just what I wanted and blends perfectly with my bio hair!😍
Definitely worth every cent!
Thank you, I will definitely order more from you in the future, maybe even a wig 🤩💕

"I Feel Like a New Person"

I'm so in love with my topper. I feel like a new person and these 5 months have being the ones in which I feel the most confident and beautiful 🥰 thank you so much for allowing us to recover our self confidence.

"I Love How Getting a Wig Has Made Me More Accepting of My Own Hair Loss..."

I love the wig so much 😭😭 it definitely gives me so much more confidence when wearing pretty clothes and it makes me feel really pretty :) it was really hard dealing with AGA and TE since I was in middle school and I always felt really different from other people my age and even now in my college there were some nasty bullies...

After talking with you guys, my family, and my closest friends and boyfriend a few months ago, I have never felt so confident in accepting my hair loss. Even when I see my own hair, I don’t get as sad as I was before. I love how getting a wig has made me more accepting of my own hair loss and not ashamed of it- and I love getting to wear pretty hair everyday :)

Thank you for making such a beautiful wig and being very helpful in the process as well! I am still on my journey to accepting my hair loss and I cannot thank you guys enough for helping me be more accepting and not feeling “weird” about my hair!!

The color is beautiful and looks pretty close to my natural bio hair color!! :) I have always wanted bangs and I can finally have my dream hair!”

"This Makes Me Feel a Little More Like Myself Again."

My Hair Arrived today! I LOVE IT! This is what my hair was like before it started falling out when I was 23. Thank you for what you all do, this makes me feel a little more like myself again. 😍

"I'm So Obsessed With This Wig"

I haven’t had time to get some pics of my game changer so this car selfie will have to do🤣 but i’m so obsessed with this wig- it’s the first time since being diagnosed with AU two years ago that I’ve truly felt like myself. I’ve gotten so many compliments about how natural it looks! I can’t say thank you enough to the Lusta team!🥰

"My Lusta Topper is the Only Solution to Tick All of My Boxes."

Like many babes on their hair loss journey, I've tried a lot of what's out there to manage the situation. I can honestly say that my Lusta topper is the only solution to tick all of my boxes! It's incredibly high quality, easy to wash and style and sits comfortably on my head. The clips are so soft, and unlike clip in extensions, which weigh down on already thinning hair, the Lusta clips on my piece are light and just snuggly keeping my topper in place. I mostly never feel it on my head, it's that comfortable and moulded. The colour match is excellent and blends in with my bio hair so well.

"It feels and looks like me."

I wore my new wig to work for the first time and it wasn't scary at all once I decided today was the day! It felt great and I was very confident in the piece the entire time. It was a monumental moment for me because this time last year, I would never have thought I'd be wearing wigs - let alone be comfortable in them! I had been terrified of having to wear something that might not look realistic. Wearing this piece today was a huge changing point for my hair loss journey. It feels and looks like me, and that's something I didn't know if I would be able to find.

"After Putting on the Topper for the First Time, I Cried."

I just want to truly thank you! I now have my confidence back to go out without being self conscious and ashamed about my thinning hair.

With all the meds I have to take plus stress, just in the past year I have lost more than 60% of my hair. After putting on the topper for the first time, I cried. I felt so happy.

I bought a topper for me and my sister who is also starting to have thinning hair. These are our first toppers but it won’t be our last!

"The Best Lace Front...for an Affordable Price! "

I have been wearing wigs for my alopecia for 10 years, I have spent more than 5,000 on a single wig and it didn’t touch the quality of lusta! Thank you so much for making the best lace front, and the wonderful quality of hair, for an affordable price!

"I'm Obsessed with the Colour and Quality."

I just got my topper customized locally in San Diego. I went with bangs to make the blend easier. I have never seen softer, healthier, more beautiful hair in my life! The hair quality is divine! So glad I finally got her cut and colored so she won’t stay in my closet!!

I’m obsessed with the color and the quality, and I love having bangs as an option now! My mom said I look 10 years younger with them. 🥰

"I Can't Be More Happy About This Purchase!"

My first ever Lusta piece matches perfectly with my bio hair (in terms of texture, color, and length) and I can't be more happy about this purchase! No one around me seemed to notice the change, and my boyfriend likes it too ;) 100% would recommend

"My Lusta Topper is the only solution to tick all my boxes "

Like many babes on their hair loss journey, I've tried a lot of wigs out there to manage the situation. I can honestly say that my Lusta topper is the only solution to tick all of my boxes! It's incredibly high quality, easy to wash and style and sits comfortably on my head. The clips are so soft, and unlike clip in extensions, which weigh down on already thinning hair, the Lusta clips on my piece are light and just snuggly keeping my topper in place. I mostly never feel it on my head, it's that comfortable and moulded. The colour match is excellent and blends in with my bio hair so well.

I started by just wearing my topper around my family, then outings, and now every time I go out, including to work! It's completely undetectable, no one could work out that I was wearing one unless I decided to let them in on my sneaky secret 🙊

Thank you Lusta ❤️ I can't wait for my next piece!

"So Helpful in Boosting My Confidence."

I just wanted to thank you so much for my wig, it’s literally been so helpful in boosting my confidence after losing my hair due to chemotherapy! The wig is so realistic-looking and comfy, I was so blown away when I took it out of the package for the first time!
I’m so thankful to have stumbled across your page. I love the positivity, kindness and confidence you give back to so many women like me through Lusta Hair! Thank you a thousand times over ❤️✨

"This has Changed my Life."

I just got my topper colored. I wanted to thank you so much. This have change my life and gave me the confidence I was so lacking!💞💞💞

"I Feel Like Myself Again!"

My hair loss came on dramatically last year. I discovered Lusta this year and instantly knew I wanted to try one your pieces. I love all your content and the customer service is amazing. This is my first wig and I couldn’t be more in love! The hair is so buttery soft and you color matched me perfectly. I feel like myself again! My advice to anyone on the fence about purchasing a piece from Lusta Thank you Lusta!💕

"I Just Can't Stop Looking at Myself in the Mirror"

I GOT MY HAIR MAIL YESTERDAY!!!! I just wanted to say thank you all so much, I this piece is so lovely I just can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror, which I usually shy away from 🥲 The color match is impeccable ❤️ Now I can take a deep breath and quit stressing about my progressing hairloss from PCOS, because it’s gonna always look GORGEOUS with your product! This is going to change my life Eeeeekkkkk!!!!!

"I am in Love!"

I am in love! I’ve never had so much hair before and I’m thrilled with how well it matches! 😍

"I Wish I Had Found this Solution 3 Years Ago."

I'm so thrilled with my new topper, especially now it's been thinned out a bit - it blends perfectly with my bio hair and I feel like a whole new person! The weight of further impending hair loss has gone from my mind - I wish I had found this solution 3 years ago! Thank you everyone at Lusta for all the help along the way 🙏

"It Fits Very Well and Doesn't Slip Away or Anything!"

Here it is: it was the first picture I took, when I got my wig.
After a few weeks of wearing it I must say, it fits very well and doesn‘t slip away or anything. I have already used it for running and biking and also climbing in the gym. No problem, no slipping. I am really happy.

"For the First Time in Years I Actually Like My Hair!"

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Lusta (and especially Georgia) for being amazing and doing what you do. I have had years of hair loss, self-consciousness, anxiety and embarrassment. For the first time in years I actually like my hair! My topper is just perfect and I couldn't be happier. I had it cut today and it now just feels like me (but with the best hair I've ever had!). I wish I discovered you earlier - you really have helped me feel good about hair and taken the focus off the alopecia and finding the miracle cure (which lets face it, would never get my hair looking this good anyway!). You guys are just amazing! xo

"Get a Lusta Hair Topper or Wig and Feel Like a Boss"

The was a young woman who had PCOS,
And one of her symptoms caused her such stress,
She was plagued by hair loss, her hair was so thin,
It fell out in the shower and was thrown in the bin,
She tried all the lotions and potions, every hair remedy,
Silk pillowcases, air-drying and no treating chemically,
But nothing would work, it only got worse,
She felt like she’d never break this terrible curse,
Then she searched on the net and found Lusta Hair,
The reviews seemed incredible, the answer to her prayers!
She booked a consultation, they were SO friendly and NICE!
They explained everything and gave great advice,
When her topper arrived she couldn’t believe it,
It was more than she’d dreamed of, the perfect colour & fit!
At first she was nervous to wear it outside,
But it didn’t take long to wear it with pride,
It’s changed her life for the better there’s no doubt about it,
She walks with her head held high now, no shame around it!
So for anyone out there who’s struggling with hair loss,
Get a Lusta Hair topper or wig and feel like a BOSS!

"So Glad I Purchased My First Ever Topper From You"

I recently bought my first topper from you and honestly I am so glad I did. I haven't worn it out of the house yet, as I'm still trying to learn more about how to style it properly and I'm currently waiting on a hair appointment to get my bio hair re-coloured but I will soon! I just wanted to say that I'm so so glad I purchased my first ever topper from you. Thank you again for creating something so amazing!

"I Freaking Love Lusta"

When you spend more time talking about hair than the actual business meeting because the lovely woman can’t get over how natural it looks. I freaking love Lusta. I think she’s going to look into getting her own piece! Haha 💞

"It Really is Not 'Just' Hair"

I’m so happy with how my wig looks. The color is just perfect! I can’t thank you enough for being so accommodating when it came to helping me find the right color. I’m so excited to show you the before and after photos. I can’t believe the difference!

I’m so grateful for your dedication to hair wearing, the Lusta brand, and for the service and support that you provide to your customers and followers. Your emails and videos, and the honesty, candidness, and encouragement within them have been so therapeutic!

Thank you for ALL that you do!! It really is not just “hair”. You get it. And I love you for it ❤️ Sincerely, Sara

"This is What Androgenic Alopecia Looks Like"

Who doesn’t love a good before and after? ⁠ ⁠ This is what androgenic alopecia looks like. I promise, it’s not the life sentence that the dermatologist reported!

"You've Given Me So Much Confidence"

I was very new to the alt hair world when I found Lusta using the #androgenicalopecia on Instagram. I loved all of the content that the girls were posting aimed at educating, rather than just selling. Thank you so much Holly, Kim and Georgia. You are all as awesome as you seem in the videos, and you've given me so much confidence ❤️

"I Haven't Felt This Confident in Two Decades"

I was so nervous wearing my hair to school. I teach 7th & 8th, so I remember how mean 8th grade girls can be. My students were full of compliments & I haven't felt this confident in two decades!! Thank you all so much for what you do! Your work has changed the way I feel about myself.

"I Literally Can't Thank You All Enough"

I literally couldn’t be happier right now💕🥰🥰🥰🥰💕Thankyou sooo much. The colour is perfect. I think I already want to get saving for another, maybe a longer or ombré. Hehe. I literally can’t Thankyou all enough. I feel like me again.

"I Literally Can't Thank You All Enough"

I literally couldn’t be happier right now💕🥰🥰🥰🥰💕Thankyou sooo much. The colour is perfect. I think I already want to get saving for another, maybe a longer or ombré. Hehe. I literally can’t Thankyou all enough. I feel like me again.

"Thank You For Making Me Feel So Beautiful"

I just got our engagement photos back and my hair is perfection! The first thing my photographer said was how beautiful my hair was and my response was "Thanks, its from Australia!" She couldn't believe it wasn't my bio hair. Thank you for making me feel so beautiful!

"Blown Away and I Felt Amazing."

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for giving me the wedding hair of my dreams, my hair dresser was blown away and I felt amazing, thank you so much!!!!

"This is THE ONE!!"

Ok HOLY HECK ladies this is THE ONE!! I’m so absolutely stoked with this piece (my second Lusta!) it came sooooo fast (3 days after I ordered and I’m in NQ!), the colour is perfection against my bio hair, and it is honestly just a dream on 😍 thank you SO MUCH xx

"I Don't Think I'll Stop Being Amazed at How Incredible These Toppers Are."

Over the past 6 weeks I've worn 3 different toppers... longer balayage, updo topper and a bob. Despite the different lengths and colours I'm able to blend my bio hair and look and feel fabulous each time.
They are versatile and comfortable.
I dont think I'll stop being amazed at how incredible these toppers are and confidence they give me - no more bad hair days!
My topper collection currently sits at 3, but every chance that will increase, why not when fabulous hair is such fun!

"It's The Best Hair I've Ever Had!"

It’s my custom Game Changer wig I received a little while back and I've been playing with different styles.. it's the best hair I've had - and even better than my bio hair when it was beautiful and in its prime back in the day! XO XO

"It's Sort Of Like When You Find The Right Lipstick Shade x 1000"

On Friday I wore her to get together with friends and then last night out to dinner with my boyfriend. And while there’s no doubt I felt like a bad ass bitch in my new hair, the best part was just feeling so *me* but better. It’s sort of like when you find the perfect lipstick shade x 1000. I’m still thinking to add some balayage down the line or maybe I’ll have the curtain bang cut slightly shorter, but for now I’m just gonna vibe her as is.

I’ve been playing around with ways of wearing my bio hair underneath as well, both with and without the wig grip. She wears well and feels secure both ways but without the grip I’d say I “forgot” about her sitting on my head more.

Man, what a time to be alive when we have options like alt hair if and when we want it!

Thank you to the queens at Lusta Hair for being so passionate and amazing at what they do and for the positivity, love and support they’ve given me as I’ve entered the world of alt hair this year ❤️❤️❤️

"Thank You All For Giving Me the Confidence to Finally Take the Plunge Into Hair Wearing"

I spent at least two years researching toppers endlessly and obsessing over Instagram feeds before finally making this jump to buy a topper. I have mostly just worn it at home to get used to the feel and am still working on the blend but the quality and color match of the topper are top notch! Here’s a photo of the first time I felt comfortable enough to wear my topper in public. 😱 (Excuse the frizzy bio hair...like I said, still working on the blend.) Thank you all for giving me the confidence to finally take the plunge into hair wearing!

"It Looks AMAZING!!!"

I absolutely love my new topper!!! I have been following your company for a while and always wonder to try a topper. But I was super nervous it wouldn’t blend properly or look natural with my hair, which is a kinkier texture. Last week, I took the plunge and my topper just arrived today. it looks AMAZING!!! 🙌🏾 so happy and can’t wait to buy more pieces

"More Secure than the Twice-the-Price, Made-to-Measure Vacuum Bases."

I’ve had Alopecia Universalis since I was 5. I’ve worn vacuum-type human hair wigs since I was 12. This is my first Lusta piece, and I’m IN LOVE. The hair is chinchilla soft. The cut? Runway worthy. And I can report after a month of wearing that this base is lighter, more comfortable AND more secure than the twice-the-price, made-to-measure vacuum bases. Thank you, Lusta team. You’ve made me feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt before.

"I love, love, love her!"

I can’t quite put into words how life changing my Lusta Essentials wig has been since I first brought her home a year ago. She’s not only saved me hours of stressing before leaving the house, especially before special events, but I feel more confident than ever. Every morning it takes a few seconds to have my dream hair, and I can colour/style it like I’ve never been able to do with my own bio hair. I love, love, love her!

"I Know I Can't Control My Hair, But I Can Control My Attitude."

My name is Tabitha and this is my Lusta hair story. My mum met Holly in a Facebook group a year ago when my hair was falling out. I was learning about my alopecia and my mum wanted me to meet Holly to get know someone else that has alopecia and has had it since she was a kid too. Then I met Holly and she told us about Lusta hair and a wig that could be perfect for me.

I came into Lusta hair and tried a few wigs and Holly told us what one she thought would match my old natural hair. It was very fun trying lots of different wigs on that felt comfortable and I could be like every other kid in my school. I got to finally wear a high ponytail again for the first time since I lost all my hair.

I know I can’t control my hair but I can control my attitude and choose to live my life without being stressed about my hair loss and to be loved👩🏻‍🦲💪🏼🥚🍉💛

"So Comfy and the Hair is Unbelievably Soft."

Literally what topper?! I think it’s safe to say out of the now 5 hair pieces I’ve owned in my life this is by far my favourite. The colour match on the roots to my bio hair is perfection!

It’s so comfy and the hair is unbelievably soft!

Thank you team Lusta! Love you all forever! 💕💕💕

"Lusta Gets It."

You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I wish I had found your company YEARS ago! It is love at first sight with this new lace topper. The color is perfect (from just a couple photos- how!) and the structure of this piece is something I’ve been asking other people in the industry about for years, but kept getting “no, that won’t work” or “no that doesn’t exist”. In short, LUSTA gets it.

You have changed my life. No exaggeration. I haven’t enjoyed looking in the mirror for awhile, but for the last hour I can’t stop stealing glimpses in anything with a reflection. You have given more so much confidence, excitement, and joy.

I would say “you have no idea how much this means to me,” but I know that you do. The LUSTA team has direct or indirect experience similar to what I go through on a daily basis, and that fact makes me feel so connected and cared for. Again, you just get it.

I’m so grateful for all of you!!

"Making My Hair Dreams Come True"

I just got my Lusta game changer wig, and I’m absolutely speechless. I was diagnosed with Alopecia when I was only 10 months old, so I’ve tried many wigs over my life. But none even come close to comparing with this wig! It’s so comfortable, so soft, and feels so secure without being too tight. I just wanted to thank everyone there at Lusta for making my hair dreams come true!!!

"Thank You Lusta!"

Me just loving my blend this morning! Thank you Lusta! I’m seriously so happy with my wig!

"By Far The Best Quality."

I wore my new wig for a work conference and absolutely loved it! It’s very comfortable and secure and the hair is so soft. Your customer service and the treats you send in the box with the wig are so appreciated- it is such a wonderful experience compared to other wigs I’ve purchased. I’ve been wearing wigs for 7 years now and this Lusta wig is by far the best quality so far. I look forward to buying more in the future!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

Let me start by saying, the quality of the piece is just beautiful. The hair is soft, the cap is comfortable. The color - I cannot believe how perfectly your stylists matched it with my bio hair! I was super worried about the piece having been so bright blonde to start, but it turned out better than what I could have imagined!

Lusta Girls, I cannot thank you enough for the amazing work you’re doing - you’re truly changing lives and giving so many women the chance to go out in the world feeling so good about themselves. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m already planning out my next piece!

"It Feels and Fits Perfect."

Thank you so much for this lovely hair. You did an amazing job! It feels and fits perfect, and even smells delightful. Thank you also for all your videos with good advice and encouragement. You have helped me so much, and made me feel less alone with hairloss. Thank you for creating a community and being so inspiring

"This is the Best Quality Wig I've Ever Had!"

I’ve had alopecia since I was 9, and this is the best quality wig I’ve ever had! So much volume, hair density is amazing, and the color is SPOT ON. I am living my Anya Taylor-Joy dreams. Thank you so much

"I love it, I love it, I love it."

Love my Lusta Game Changer wig so much! My bio hair color is between dark brunette and natural darkest brunette. I've never gone lighter with my bio hair nor my past hair extensions. Therefore, I wasn't sure how I would feel about seeing myself with a lighter bronde ombre look and was a bit nervous. However, I love it, I love it, I love it. The wig is just too beautiful not to love it. 😍

"I Felt So Beautiful."

I went out for dinner on Saturday night and wore my piece.Have you ever seen more beautiful colours??? I felt so beautiful 😍

"Your Hair is Incredible"

Is it normal that I am obsessed with selfies at the moment??? I can't stop taking them! Your hair is incredible I know I've said this to you but I just can't stop saying it again and again and again!!! Thank you!!!

"I Have Now Found My Solution to Hair Loss"

I’ve just opened my Lusta parcel. Thank you so much. After trying lots of medical treatments and being upset after failure of it working, I have now found my solution to hair loss! I will be purchasing more pieces when bank balance allows 😅🙃. I was getting frustrated with medical treatments not working. I’m just going to use this from now on 😀 Thank you again x

"I Feel Like a Hair Goddess"

I just received my beautiful topper in the mail this morning! I am beyond speechless I feel like a hair goddess! The length the color the cut it’s all perfect!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now get ready for some hair spam 🤗 I’m not even sorry about it love it!!! 😘❤️

"I Haven't Felt This Confident in the Mirror in Such a Long Time"

Thank you so much for making this product!! I haven’t felt this confident looking in the mirror in such a long time. I love everything about this topper! Thank you thank you thank you!

"You Can Truly Do So Many Things With Your Toppers"

had to show off some wedding party hair!! I wasn't sure how my stylist would take to it and she said, oh gosh I love these, and worked magic! You can truly do so many things with your toppers!

"I Have Never Had So Many Compliments in my Life"

I have never had so many compliments in my life. I was just at our supermarket - I live in a small town and the cashier at next till leaned back and said I heard you had your hair done! I said from who. One of my 7 year old students had just told her all about her teachers new hair do!

"This Topper Has Changed My Life"

I have got to tell you guys, this topper has changed my life. My confidence level is so high, and I'm finding peace with my bio hair every day. I am having fun styling my piece and learning new things every day. Not only that, but I love all of your videos. They are instilling confidence in me, teaching me tips and tricks, and empowering me whether I'm in my bio hair or in a Lusta topper. I wish I had bought this years ago, but regardless, I'm loving every moment of it now!! Thank you, each one of you, for everything you do.

"Thanks to the Amazing Lusta Girls for Making Me Feel Normal Again"

I thought I would share my hair loss story. Mine began 2yrs ago with just a couple of patches and progressed to over 50% lost.

So began my amazing Lusta Hair journey. After nervously meeting with the girls who made me feel so much at ease I purchased a beautiful 9x9 topper which I totally loved, and I also purchased an essentials wig ( for the just in case ) well unfortunately for me the ‘just in case’ became a reality. I had to adjust to wearing a wig full time as I lost all my bio hair.

The fit is amazingly perfect I have such a small head and this just sucks onto my head perfectly.
I feel amazing with this on. I've been on boats in the wind and at the footy in hurricane winds and she didn't budge.

I'm extremely lucky to have 2 beautiful XS Game Changer wigs that no one even realises are wigs. Thanks to the amazing Lusta girls for making me feel normal again 💗💗

"I Finally Feel Like My Old Self Again"

I got my Luxe Wig last Friday, the same week I finished my last chemo treatment! 🥹 I finally feel like my old self again! I feel confident and happy 💗 Thank you so much!!

"I Am Already Planning My Next Order"

I received my topper and just had to tell you I am in love already! I have much to practice and learn still, but even on day 1, I feel so amazing! Thank you so much and I am already planning my next order 😆

"It Gives Me Freedom To Do The Things I Want To Do"

Hi I’m Tabitha and I have Alopecia. I’ve had Alopecia since I was just 3 years old. Growing up with Alopecia was a real journey… starting with random patches of hair on my head to where I am now, no hair at all! Being brutally honest I love having no hair as it gives me freedom to do the things I want to do. I have a couple of wigs but my favourite definitely has to be my ombré blonde Game Changer wig that I’ve had for about 2 years now. I’ve had a fun journey through my Alopecia life and I’m so excited to experience so many more opportunities it will bring me.


Thank you so much! It feel amazing and I LOVE it. Thank you for all the customizing help to make this piece perfect for me!!

"It Makes Me Feel like My Old Self"

I've noticed my hair thinning since I was 22 and it's started to shed a lot more in the last 3 years. In the last 6 months I can't even put my hair up into a ponytail or bun without noticing patches of scalp, so there's no way to hide it anymore! This past year has been depressing and isolating where my hair has been concerned. I started to think about the idea of wearing wigs for the rest of my life, but I had no knowledge about it. Finally, in the beginning of November, I went on Instagram and thought "there has to be other women going through this!" After searching on the tag 'femalehairloss', a picture from Lusta popped up almost right away and immediately caught my attention. I had never heard of a hair topper before, but suddenly my whole world was flipped upside down.

My natural hair used to be my favorite physical trait about me, but I lost my joy in it a long time ago. Now I feel like I can find it again while wearing my topper. It makes me feel like my old self - the one who was excited to show up and show off my red hair and curls. I feel feminine again and I'm truly so thankful!

Thank you for the work that you do, but most importantly, thank you for being who you are because your personalities all shine through your work. This business is very evidently a labor of love. You draw in your clients with your sincerity and genuine natures, and at least for me, it makes me feel like I'm right at home with a family whom I haven't even met yet. I can't thank you enough - thank you for all that you do and for helping me find the hair loss community along with this stunning topper!

You definitely get 5 stars from me for this experience - the product quality and the service. I know I'll eventually be back for more!

"This is the Hair that Balding 9-Year-Old Me Never Believed I Could Have."

I just got back from my stylist blending my cut with my topper. This is the hair that balding 9 year old me never believed I could have. I almost cried when I put it on the first time. Thank you thank you thank!!!! I can’t express how healing the experience with Lusta has been for me. Now to show it off on date night with my husband😊❤️

"I Really Don't Know How I Survived So Long Without Lusta in my Life"

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my lovely new topper - I absolutely love it! ❤️❤️ I’ve definitely come to find that the bigger the cap size, the easier it is to blend, it literally takes 2 minutes ⏰ I no longer have the hassle of having to blow dry, use a can of dark dry shampoo, half a can of mouse and hairspray just to leave the house 🙈 I have so much more confidence now and I really don’t know how I survived so long without Lusta in my life!

"So Comfy!"

What wig!!!???
I looooove her!! She’s darker than I thought but surprisingly love that. So comfy! The fit is amazing! And I can’t believe it’s not actually growing out of my head.
Thank you for being perfect hair angels and making my dreams come true again!!


Thank you! 😍😍 I love it! I have hair thinning on top, alopecia runs in my family so it’s helped me so much plus I get to have blonde without damaging the little hair I do have! Amazing!