Luxury 100% Remy Human Hair Toppers and Wigs.

How to get thicker looking hair in just seconds without it looking fake. Let us show you how...

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Effortless hair. Every time.

We know hair loss is not a fun party to be invited to. It’s that annoying friend no one wants to hang out with. But hey, you’re not alone. Trust us! We know all about #thinhairproblems and that repetitive late night Google search, ‘female celebrities with hair loss’. We know the struggle of making hairline contact before eye-contact all too well. 

Enter Lusta Toppers and Wigs. The emerald city of #hairgoals. We exist only to make you feel like a freakin’ superstar. Our product is super easy, low-maintainence and the ultimate solution for adding volume, coverage and catwalk-worthy feels. What could be better than forgetting about your hair woes and finally ditching all those useless ‘hair-growth’ creams?

Effortless hair. Every time.
Not just a product. This is a movement.

Not just a product. This is a movement.

We are finally going to bust the stigma that sitcoms have created of how a ‘toupee’ is perceived. Let’s not keep quiet any longer. The world NEEDS to know!

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