There’s no wonder buying hair online is so scary.

You’re falling down a rabbit hole of misinformation, expensive pieces that don’t live up to the sales pitch and a whole lot of disappointment.

Lusta to the rescue! We could craft our own pitch about why we’re so bloody brilliant, but we’d rather just prove it to you.


The Lusta Get It Offer is the first of its kind in the hair world. We're pioneering a new age of buying hair online. We want it to be oh-so-easy and stress-free finding your dream hair. The way it should be.

The Get It Offer is available to first-time customers only. Read our full returns policy for more information.


What if you get your piece and it's not right for you? It's your first time buying a piece and you have no idea how it's actually going to look on your head. We're SO confident you're going to love your hair that we're offering 100% FREE RETURNS.


Most hair companies charge a 'restocking fee' for returns. And there's a good reason behind that. There's a lot of fees and time that goes into each order. Rather than charging this fee to you, we take on these costs.


Shipping to you from Lusta is 100% free and it always will be. However, most companies will charge you the cost of returning shipping. On your first Lusta order we pay for ALL the shipping costs.

How It Works

STEP 1 : Book a Free Virtual Chat

First, let's find the right piece for you. We're your personal hair shopper and by your side as you make your decisions. Some companies charge up to $400 for what we offer in our chats for FREE!

The best place to start is by booking a time to chat. Click HERE to book yours.

STEP 2: Order Your New Hair

You've decided on which piece you want, now it's time to order.

Plus, for first-time customers you'll receive a FREE Lusta Paddle Brush. Yours to keep. Forever.

Keep an eye on that tracking number, your hair is on the way!

STEP 3: Book Your Unboxing Chat

Once your hair has arrived, book a free unboxing chat with Lusta. We'll chat face-to-face with you as you get to know your new hair. We'll walk you through step-by-step how to put your piece on, so you can feel confident in wearing your new hair.

STEP 4: Keep or Return Your Piece

You have 5 days (120 hours) from when your piece is delivered to decide whether she's the one for you. Most companies only give you 48 hours to decide, but we want to give you the opportunity to really get to know your new hair.

If you decide to return, we'll send you a shipping label to return!

We are SO excited for you to dive into this powerful world of hair-wearing. Toppers and wigs truly changed my life, and I can't wait to see them do the same for you.

If you have any questions or don't quite know where to start, drop us a message!

Wear the hair, babe.