Dream Team

Our workplace is literally the Disneyland of Hair Dreams. But, of course, the best part of our job is getting to know each and every one of you. Here is a little something about the Lusta Team.

Kimberly Kimberly


Founder, Director

Me // I am definitely not one to keep my mouth shut about my #thinhairproblems, so much so that I made it my life goal to talk about hair every day (and here we are!). Discovering the world of hair toppers was my saviour. I am literally that cliché infomercial reviewer shouting from the rooftop that, ‘this simple solution…CHANGED MY LIFE’!! 😂

Coffee Order // Oat Milk Latte. Coffee is life.

Fave Lusta Colour // Always obsessed with BALAYAGE OF THE BLESSED ONE but NEW MONEY is rocking my world right now!

Hair Wearing Hack // It’s always hard to make the leap, but once you do…OMG, the hair addiction is real! Make it yours! Use the sidewalk as your runway!

Holly Holly


Wig Queen

Me // When I was growing up with extremely limited wig options and no one who really understood to help me, I had to fumble my way through hair-wearing and cope with very average wigs. I LOVE being able to guide others through the world of wigs at Lusta and connect with other women experiencing hair loss.

Coffee Order // My coffee order is, “nothing for me, thanks” 😂 Never had one before!

Fave Lusta Colour // (as if I can choose just one, omg)… would be ‘ALL THE HYPE’.

Top Hack // My best piece of advice is one word: CONFIDENCE. Own your hair-wearing and own your life. You’ve got this!

Georgia Georgia


Customer Experience

Me // I actually love my job! Lusta is a family environment. We are besties and it makes work so much fun!

Coffee Order // Decaf (I know, I know 🙈)… Almond milk Latte

Fave Lusta Colour // Would have to be BALAYAGE OF YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US or ALL THE HYPE (I can’t decide… eek 😩)

Pro Tip // The best piece of advice I could give when shopping for hair is to not stress so much about colour and to book a consult with me 😉