Care Instructions

You have made a significant investment in purchasing a high quality 100% Remy Human Hair Lusta Piece. We want you to get the most out of your topper and the higher level of TLC you give, the longer your topper will stay gorgeous.


Depending on how often you wear your topper/wig determines how often you will need to wash it. For daily use, it is recommended to wash your topper/wig every 2-4 weeks - depending on your level of activity.

Use salon high quality shampoo and conditioner. Sulphate free shampoo is ideal and choose any salon quality ‘hydrating’ conditioner. Our best washing practice is to fill up your sink with lukewarm water and mix a coin size amount of the shampoo into the water to create a soapy lather. Dip the topper/wig into the water holding onto the part (silk) area to avoid tangling. Work the topper/wig into the soapy water by dipping it in and out of the water and work the suds into the hair. Empty the sink and rinse the shampoo out with running warm water. Shampoo your piece twice if you feel your pieces needs it. Use the same method with the conditioning process. Do not rub conditioner directly onto the scalp of the topper/wig or to any part of the cap as this may cause the knots to loosen over time.

If your topper or wig contains any lace, be extra delicate around the lace when washing and styling etc.

Blonde pieces need extra love. Every month, use a hydrating conditioning hair mask. The alternative is to leave your usual conditioner in the topper/wig for an hour or two (wet or dry).

If your wig contains any silicone inside the cap, wipe the silicone down with soapy water or alcohol wipes every 1-2 wears to clean.


You can use heat (blow dry and straighter/curling) on your human hair topper/wig but be sure to use a low heat setting. The less heat you use the longer your topper/wig can last. It is recommended that your piece is styled on a block head (mannequin head) with clamp for ease of use. The topper should be pinned down with T Pins. The pins should be inserted carefully through the clips. Do not pin through the silk area. A wig can sit on a small mannequin head - ensure that you are never stretching it to fit on a larger mannequin head. The use of heat protector is recommended.

It is safe to use other products like hair spray, but be mindful not to overdo it and to wash it out. It is not recommended to use colour sprays or root sprays on your topper/wig as this will discolour the silk/lace material and can ruin the texture of the hair.

When brushing the topper/wig, be mindful not to tug too hard on any knots. Gentle is best. Use a paddle brush, not a fine tooth comb! Always start brushing from the bottom of your topper/wig and gently work your way up. Avoid combing the hair when it’s wet as the knots can loosen.


Store the topper/wig on a mannequin head when it is not in use to help keep its shape. Do not store in direct sunlight as this can cause the colour to oxidise (lighten). Store with the clips closed and tangle free. Any size mannequin head will work for toppers. Ensure you use a correct mannequin head size for your wig so it is not stretching whilst being stored. The hair can also be stored in a box.

Cutting Advice

If you are taking your topper/wig to your hairdresser for a cut, here are some tips to share with them.

  • Avoid blunt cuts
  • Thin the ends by point cutting or using thinning scissors to break up any scissor lines. Avoid the use of 'thinning scissors'
  • Cut the length while the client is wearing the piece
  • Fringes/bangs: ensure bio hair is all pinned back before cutting bangs.
  • Thin out the topper by sectioning out layers so the top doesn’t end up heavy.

Colouring Advice

If you are taking your topper/wig to your hairdresser for a colour, here are some tips to share with them.

  • Use highest quality salon grade colour products
  • It is recommended not to lighten or bleach processed colours
  • Lighter toppers can be darkened by a trained stylist to add roots, lowlights or a reverse balayage
  • Natural unprocessed hair can be lightened at own risk by a trained stylist with alternative hair experience, as the dark colours can go orange very easily. With lightening the pieces it is suggested to use 3% or 6% in multiple applications.
  • Do not leave the topper being coloured unattended as they take colour very quickly. Check colour progress regularly.
  • Be careful with colour around the silk material. If concerned, Vaseline can be used to coat the material. Rinse colour out thoroughly. In the unlikely instance where the silk top stains, it should come out after a few washes and with time, but just caution this.