Secure. Comfortable. Realistic. Wigs designed for kid's with hair loss.

Secure. Comfortable. Realistic. Wigs designed for kid's with hair loss.


Secure. Comfortable. Realistic.
Wigs designed for kid's with hair loss.

Hair loss should never get in the way of your child enjoying life.

Finding a wig for your child which is comfortable, secure and can keep up with their busy life can be a challenge.

We're here to help!


Hi! I'm Holly 👋

I started losing my hair at 5 years old.

Growing up I always struggled to find a wig that was right for me.

They were always too big, too itchy, felt uncomfortable and weren't able to do the things I wanted them to do.

I couldn't put my hair up into a ponytail like all my friends could.

I couldn't run around with my friends because I was scared my wig would fall off.

Having hair loss is hard enough. Kids shouldn't have to worry about their wig on top of everything else.

They should be able to just be a kid.

Swing upside down on the monkey bars.

Braid their hair like all their friends do.

Live their life without worrying about their hair loss.

If I had Lusta when I was growing up, I feel my life would be totally different.

If I had a wig that actually fit, that was secure and looked super realistic, I would have had so much more confidence growing up.

Our wigs are made specifically for people with hair loss.

They're designed to be super comfortable all day long, ultra-secure and look completely realistic.

And you don't have to do this alone.

Lusta is here to help throughout your child's alopecia or hair loss journey.


Aisha, 10 years old

Sienna, 13 years old

Nya, 14 years old

Tabitha, 12 years old

Isabella, 14 years old

Lucy, 17 years old

Purchasing your child's first wig.

How do you find the right wig for your child?

Let's find their perfect piece

Hair loss can be overwhelming. I totally understand, I've been there too.

Lusta is here to make the process of finding the right wig easier.

Step 1. Book a Chat

Our Virtual Chats are completely FREE. In your chat, we can talk through everything you need to know about purchasing a wig and which option will be best for your child.

Step 2. Purchase Your Piece

Once we've decided which wig is right for your child, you can purchase your piece on the Lusta website and add any necessary customisations.

Step 3. Book Your Unboxing Consult

Once your piece arrives, we help you and your child get aquainted with their new wig. We'll talk through care tips and how to put the wig on, plus anything else you need to know.