5 Myths About Wigs: DEBUNKED

Wigs have gotten a pretty bad wrap over the years. Maybe we're scarred from that itchy Halloween costume wig we wore as kids. Or maybe we've just fallen victim to the old wives tales (there's a lot of them).

So, as the wig experts, we wanted to addres the rumors once and for all.

  1. "Wearing a wig will cause more hair loss."
    BIG no. I think people have this idea for one of two reasons.

    A) Your hair needs to 'breathe'.
    People think that wearing a wig all day is going to 'suffocate' your scalp and therefore stop hair from growing. But this is not how hair growth works at all. Your hair (skin and nails) are not alive, therefore it doesn't need to breathe. Hair growth is triggered from within our bodies, not externally. So, wearing a wig all day isn't going to effect hair growth at all.

    B) You'll get traction alopecia.
    Traction alopecia is a condition which develops when you wear your hair in tight styles for extended periods of time or clip things into your hair. Look, this *can* happen with wigs. But, if you have a wig that fits properly, isn't pulling on your hair and doesn't cause headaches/discomfort, you are NOT going to get traction alopecia. Our wigs have been specifically designed to be super gentle on your hair- no pulling or tugging here!

    So, no- wigs are NOT going to cause hair loss.

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  2. "You have to be completely bald to wear wigs."
    Everyone can wear wigs. In fact, most wigs in the world are actually designed for women with hair. Hair loss is completely individualized. So whether you have no hair or what others perceive as a full head of hair, it is your journey and if wearing a wig is part of that then go for it.

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  3. "Wearing a wig is false advertising."
    This one makes me giggle because it’s such a ridiculous statement. I personally feel most like myself when I have a wig on. And choosing to share your hair loss/wig wearing journey with someone takes a confidence and courage that most people don’t have.

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  4. "Wearing a wig is vain"
    Wearing a wig for hair loss goes so far beyond aesthetics. From the most superficial perspective it may seem that you just slap a wig on to look pretty but the emotional and mental toll of hair loss is profound. For me, a wig provided relief from crushing stress and anxiety, it made me feel like myself again and it gave me a strength I didn’t know I had. There is nothing vain about taking back your confidence and feeling your best.”

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  5. "You shouldn't spend more than $X on a wig." or "You need to spend at least $X on a wig."
    People have this awful habit of pushing their views onto other people. But when it comes to wig shopping, you need to make a decision which feels right for you. There's a huge variation in pricing of wigs. You can get wigs for as low as $10 or up to $10,000. Obviously, with variation in price comes variation in quality. Lower quality wigs are going to cost a lost less, but may need to be replaced more often. Whereas high quality wigs will last you for years. But that doesn't mean you need to put yourself into financial stress to purchase a piece- do what's right for your own budget and needs.

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What other wigs myths have you heard? We're here to bust them 👊


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