7 Best Products to Use on Wigs (and 7 to Avoid)

7 Products you can use on your topper and wig (... and 7 you should avoid)

Let’s chat about hair products! Since your human hair topper or wig is an investment, we want you to be fully prepared when it comes to taking care of it 😍​ Using good quality, salon-grade products will extend the life of your piece!


  1. Davroe

If you have been following us for a while, you’ve probably heard us recommend Davroe! What makes this brand so amazing? All their products are sulphate free and salon-grade! We also love their Moisture Senses range. This is the Lusta fave, we use Davroe all day, everyday ❤️​

  1. Kerastase

Kerastase has a fantastic treatment which is in a white bottle, with an orange cap. It is LITERALLY the crème de la crème for older pieces that need a bit of love. Their products are also great for strengthening your bio hair.

  1. O & M

This is a stylist’s fave! It’s more on the expensive side, however, it’s very gentle on the skin. You don’t need to worry about any of those harsh chemicals on your sensitive scalp. Instead, feel stress-free! They also have a ‘mini’ range which is perfect for traveling light with your dream hair 🙈​

  1. Pureology

Pureology is AMAZING for hydration and colour retention! For all our custom-colour queens, this one’s for you!

  1. Kevin Murphy

Another great brand! This is our top pick when it comes to repairing your bio hair from chemical damage. If you’ve used a few too many box dyes or bleached your hair give this one a go!

One thing to remember is that the Kevin Murphy you see on your supermarket shelf is very different from their products online and in salons.

  1. Matrix

So many amazing products! We love that Matrix has a wide range of options. You can shop by hair type, and we are all for it ❤️​

  1. Redken

This is an excellent choice! We love their Acidic Bonding Concentrate range which nourishes split ends and de-frizzes your hair.


So now that you know what to use, let’s guide you through what NOT to use. Our first tip... stay away from supermarket brands! Remember, this is human hair so, these products can strip the hair cuticle. And because your topper or wig doesn’t grow, there are no natural oils to replenish the hair! Although it may seem a little more expensive to buy a salon brand, you probably only need to buy it once a year as you’re only washing once a month (unless you’re hitting the gym every day 😂​).

  1. Pantene

This is a classic example of a big night out... Seems great at first, but the hangover that comes next is not worth it 🤢 Pantene contains high levels of silicone which can build up in your hair and produce a smooth and silky coat. Once the silicone is stripped away, your hair is left feeling VERY DRY. We do not recommend it on your piece or bio hair!

  1. Moroccan Oil (and other oils)

Speaking of natural oils, we do not recommend using Moroccan oil on your piece. There is so much MISinformation on this! Although many websites will recommend Moroccan Oil for your bio hair, it’s NOT great for your piece. Why? You might ask. It’s reeeeeaaaally hard to wash off! Like Pantene, most oils create a silicone coating.

Another interesting point to cover is that oils oxidise the colour of your hair. This means the dimensional ashy blonde you love, may not stay so ashy 😅​ Instead, the oil will make it appear warmer and even.... orange.

  1. Olaplex (and other protein-based products)

We don’t recommend protein-based products because it breaks down the bonds of your hair. Great for bio hair but not great for pieces. Too much protein can also cause breakage and shedding!

  1. Heads and Shoulders

This strips the colour!! However, if you want to lighten your piece, go for it! We don’t recommend using this all the time, but once or twice is fine 😉

  1. Herbal Essences

Another supermarket brand that can be bought anywhere! In general, these products contain high levels of silicone and fragrances that can irritate your skin! So, stay away if you have a sensitive scalp.

  1. OGX

Last on the list is OGX! Before you purchase this brand, we recommend doing your research into the ingredients. They say it’s ‘natural’, is it really? Check the ingredient label, you might be surprised...


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Which Kerastase treatment are you referring too please?


So helpful, thanks! What is the treatment name in the Kerastase range please?


Love the information ,however when Iclick on the Devon link I am unsure which to get for my human hair topper for styling? Would you mind being more specific?