Accepting Female Hair Loss

Hair Loss. It's a journey, and oftentimes, a long one. A rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. Of feeling hopeful, then feeling absolutely miserable and alone. If you have never had hair loss, you just can't understand. At times it can seem like you're being vain. Like, why do I care so much about these little hairs on my head? But it's way more than that.

As women, our hair can be so attached to our identity. It can be attached to our femininity. And breaking out of that narrative can be tough, How do you come to accept your hair loss as a woman?

It took me nearly a decade. My hair started falling out when I was 19. At the time it seemed like a cruel joke. How could this girl, who grew up with the thickest, longest locks, start losing her hair as a teenager? How could this girl who was always the centre of attention and loved being around people, suddenly be confined to her bedroom in fear of her widening partline being seen? It was shit. It really was. I felt like I lost the person that I was. The loud, happy girl I was faded into the background. All over a couple strands of hair.

But 10 years on, I'm back to being that person. How? How did I accept that my hair would never grow back? It's super cliche, but hair toppers really did change my life. Hair toppers gave me so much of my confidence back. And it's not because I'm hiding behind the facade that toppers give me. It's because I have my power back. I can control my hair (more or less). I can have the volumous locks of my dreams when I want. Or wear my own hair in a high pony without a care in the world. The worst part about hair loss for me was feeling like I had no control. Toppers solved this.

Wearing hair isn't for everyone. And that's totally fine! But my advice is find some way to get your power back. That could mean biting the bullet and shaving it all of, telling a friend or wearing a super cool headband everyday. Do something that helps you regain that control over your hair. Acceptance is freaking hard. But you can absolutely get there.


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