Are all wigs created equal?

Hey! I’m Holly and I’ve worn wigs for over 25 years!

I have Alopecia, and I haven’t had hair on my head since I was 6! Growing up I believed that the reason wigs even existed was for people like me who had hair loss. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learnt so much more about the wig world. People wear wigs for so many other reasons than having hair loss. Wigs are worn by different cultures and some people wear them to cover their own hair for religious reasons. Some people wear wigs for fun or for fashion. In fact, most of the wigs in the world aren’t worn by people with hair loss. Where I thought I was in the majority of wig wearers, I’m actually the minority.

As people who wear wigs usually have their own hair tucked up underneath, most wigs actually have a lot of room in the cap to allow for this. For people with thick hair, fantastic! For me? Not so much. So much of my life was spent wearing wigs that just didn’t fit right.

Another issue is that because most people who wear wigs have their own hair between their scalp and the wig, the inside of wigs is often itchy and uncomfortable on your scalp. I remember trying to sit still during school whilst my head was itching like crazy under my wig.

So after years of wearing these wigs that didn’t fit well and were itchy I said ‘enough is enough!’ and went down the route of purchasing a custom piece. Custom ordering can be great! But a lot of the time this comes with a very hefty price tag. My first custom piece was a fully customised vacuum suction wig. For the first time, my wig was actually comfortable AND secure! I was thrilled! Well… I was thrilled only about to the point I realised the hair did not look realistic in the slightest… All that money I spent on customising a piece and it still wasn’t right? UGH!!!

But you know, I had to cop that, right? I mean, what else could I do? There just wasn’t any other options out there that worked for me. So that was my life for years. Then, I had the opportunity to design my own wig when I started working at Lusta Hair. I cannot explain to you how amazing this was. Imagine a choir singing, angels coming down from the heavens, a crowd cheering, it was my ‘hallelujah’ moment! Finally, a wig made by someone who had no hair! Who knew what that itchy cap felt like, who had struggled with their wig not being secure, who wanted versatility in their piece.

But it wasn’t easy. Oh no, no, no. I made tweaks and changes to the Lusta wigs over a HUNDRED times. Yep, you read that right. I wouldn’t settle for anything less than ✨hair perfection✨. After 25 years of less than okay wigs, I thought, I DESERVE THIS. And not only do I deserve this, but so does every other alopecia/hair loss wig wearer in the world. I always had to compromise on something, fit, comfort, versatility, realism, etc. But no more compromising! I am so proud to say that Lusta has one of the only stock options in the world that is made by hair loss wig wearers for hair loss wig wearers. No need to spend all that money on a custom made piece, you can buy right off the rack!

So that’s a little bit about my wig-wearing journey. Lusta wigs really are the most amazing wigs I’ve ever worn ❤️

If you want to learn more about Lusta wigs, click HERE!

Lots of love, Holly xx


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