Are Hair Topper Secure?

Let’s talk topper security.

First things first, a Lusta Topper has 6 Pressure Sensitive clips inside the cap which you clip into your own hair to keep it in place. These clips are designed to be super gentle on hair and won’t cause more hair loss!

hair topper cap
Inside a Lusta Hair Topper Cap

So, are they secure? Completely! There’s not much you can’t do in a topper, swimming, roller coasters, out on the windiest of days.

are hair toppers secure

However, it’s important to keep in mind that when you’re upright gravity is working WITH you, whereas head flips like this gravity is working AGAINST you, so it can cause tension between your hair and the clips.

If you’re doing a particularly ‘extreme’ activity, like gymnastics, roller coasters or head banging at a concert, you might like to add a head band to relieve some of that tension (and keep your blend in place). You could also replace your topper’s front comb with clips instead.

Another option is to use a Topper Grip. A topper grip clips into the front of the topper and makes it even more secure.

hair topper grip

If you have more questions about topper security, send us a message!


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