Can You Dye Human Hair Toppers?

We firmly believe that the perfect wig or hair topper is possible through customisations. Customising your wig can make it feel more like 'you'. At Lusta, we offer colouring and cutting services with our super experieced Stylist Team to help you get that perfect piece.

Dying high quality human hair toppers and wigs is 100% possible. Of course, you want to make sure your stylist takes extra care when colouring a wig or topper, as if something goes wrong, the hair isn't going to grow back!

If you're choosing to have your piece coloured by a stylist locally, here are some tips to share with your hairdresser when taking your Lusta for a color treatment:

  1. Use only the highest quality salon-grade color products for the best results.
  2. Always perform a test strand before proceeding with any color work to ensure compatibility and desired outcome.
  3. Avoid lightening or bleaching the hair, as it is not recommended for Lusta.
  4. If you wish to darken lighter toppers, seek assistance from a trained stylist who can add darker roots, lowlights, or a reverse balayage using up to 1.9% peroxide.
  5. For natural, unprocessed hair, lightening can be done by a trained stylist with experience in alternative hair, but be cautious, as dark colors may turn orange easily. When lightening a topper or wig, use no higher than 3% powder lightener/peroxide.
  6. When coloring, do not leave the piece unattended, as Lusta absorbs color quickly. Check the color progress regularly.
  7. Exercise caution when applying color around the silk scalp material. Consider using Vaseline petroleum jelly to coat the silk material, which can be washed out later. Alternatively, conduct a test patch of color on the back of the crown silk area and rinse thoroughly. In the rare case of silk top staining, it should fade with time and a few washes, but it's best to be cautious.


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