5 Curly Wigs and Toppers We LOVE

Hey curly gals!

We love, love, LOVE creating gorgeous curly styles in our wigs and toppers.

At Lusta, all our wigs and toppers dry naturally straight. However, it's super simple to style your piece to match your own curl pattern.

There's a couple ways to do this....

Firstly, you can curl your piece with heat. This could be with a straightener (best for soft waves), a regular curling wand (also great for soft waves AND tighter curls) or a mini-barrel curling wand (the best choice for tight ringlet curls).

Another way to add curly ringlets to your piece is through perming. We only recommend perming our virgin hair pieces (Natural Black, Natural Darkest Brunette and Natural Rich Brunette). Our other colours have already been processed, so adding the harsh chemicals of a perm can damage the piece. Make sure to choose a trusted stylist to perm your piece!

Finally, you can hop on the heatless curl train! Our personal favourite is adding tight braids to a piece when wet and letting it dry overnight. This results in the most beautiful ringlet curls!

But, what do these gorgeous curly wigs and curly toppers look like?

Let's take a look at some of our favourite curly styles created by ourselves and our Lusta customers!

  1. Lucy's Brunette Wig

    Can you believe that Lucy created these curls without ANY heat?! As we mentioned earlier, one of our favourite ways to create curly styles is through braiding. That's exactly how Lucy created this look. Here's a tutorial.

  2. Marla's Curly Topper

    Another curly girl we are obsessed with is Marla! She created these gorgeous ringlets with a mini-barrel curler. So gorgeous!

  3. Permed Wig

    If you want to go down the more permanent curly route, check out this permed wig! These tight, ringlet curls are just stunning.

  4. Lucy's Blonde Wig

    Lucy's obsessed with creating curly looks- so she had to try mini-barrel curls too! Here's the result.

  5. Brunette Curly Topper

    Let's take a look at another permed piece. This is such a stunning topper colour and style.

I need to know, have you tried a curly style in your topper or wig?!


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