The Truth About Hair Toppers: Mythbusting Do Hair Toppers Damage Your Hair?

Have you been considering trying out a hair topper, but worried about the impact it might have on your hair's health? I'm here to tell you that no, hair toppers are NOT going to damage your hair. That's right, all those myths and misconceptions that claim that hair toppers cause hair loss are just that, myths!

First things, first, let's talk about Lusta hair toppers. Our hair toppers are designed with special Pressure Sensitive Clips that won’t pull or tug your hair, unlike other hair toppers that can cause traction alopecia over time. With Lusta, you can rest easy knowing that your hair is in safe hands.

Now, let's tackle the myth that wearing hair toppers or wigs leads to hair suffocation, which then causes hair loss. This couldn't be further from the truth! Your hair follicles are nowhere near suffocating under your beautiful hair topper. Wearing a hair topper doesn't impede the oxygen flow to your scalp or cause your follicles to choke up. In fact, your hair actually gets oxygen from within your bloodstream- not from the environment.

Many hair topper brands, including Lusta, are designed specifically for women with hair loss. Why on earth would we create hair toppers that cause even more hair loss? That makes no sense at all. Hair toppers are meant to empower women, not weaken them. Our hair toppers will help you reclaim your confidence and feel fabulous, whether you're dealing with hair loss or not.

At Lusta Hair, we want you to feel confident and empowered, no matter what you have on your head. Our hair toppers are all about allowing you to reclaim your beauty and self-worth. Gone are the days when hair loss was something to be ashamed of. You can be proud of who you are and what you look like, hair loss or not.

So, let's recap. Hair toppers, especially Lusta Hair toppers that are made with Pressure Sensitive Clips, are not associated with hair damage or hair loss. They will not suffocate your scalp or choke your hair follicles. Instead, hair toppers are designed to boost your confidence and give you the freedom to rock any hairstyle you please. Don't let the hair loss myths hold you back.

In conclusion, the beauty of hair toppers far outweighs any potential risks that were once thought to come with them. Hair toppers are a safe, and game-changing addition to your hair routine. Don't let your hair insecurity keep you from living your best life. Try a Lusta Hair topper and see how it changes everything. All you have to lose is those hair myths and everything to gain is your confidence and style!


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