How to choose the correct length?

What topper length do I need? How do I measure?

It’s a new year, so we’re one year wiser and updating all our FAQ’s.

This one is our most common question and it’s a must-watch tutorial if you’re about to buy a topper. Our most common reason for returns is because the piece the customer purchased was slightly too short due to errors in measuring. It’s not rocket science, but it’s pretty specific when it comes to toppers.

Here are some key points to remember //

✅ Always measure from the centre part to the ends of your hair
✅ Always purchase something 1-2 inches longer than you measure, so you can get it cut or allow hair growth room.
✅ The hair can tend to fall a bit shorter in the back, as it has to lay over the curve of your head - so you may lose 1-2 inches with this
✅ If you have a side part and plan to move the part line - go a bit longer so your hairdresser can even out the length once you shift the part
✅ The topper length can be cut if required…but the hair cannot grow 😆
✅ Hair lengths look different from person to person depending on face shape and also face neck and shoulder length.


There are still lots of myths and tales surrounding the topic of ‘BASE SIZE’ and choosing the correct size. In my experience, I have found that clients who are looking for their first topper are SUPER FEARFUL of LARGE BASE SIZES 🤺 …they are literally shaking in their boots re the thought of wearing a ‘BIG TOPPER’ 👻

Here is a list of the most common remarks //

👹I have a small head though
🚫The big base will make it sooo obvious that I am wearing a topper
👺The bigger bases do not lay flat
🥵It’s my first topper so I need to start small
☠️Big toppers are for more experienced hair wearers


Bigger is best! Trust me!! The sole reason Lusta only produce larger sizes from 7x7 up is because we KNOW what is best and what our customers have tried and LOVE! A lot of trials, testing, feedback and reviews have happened over the past 3 years, people! We don’t just do things for the heck of it around here.

Let me briefly bust each of the above objections //

👍Head size is not a factor for toppers (only wigs) - it is about where the topper clips will land on your scalp
✊🏼The bigger bases look no different when they are on your head than the smaller - actually, they are more realistic!
👏🏽The larger bases are flatter than smaller ones as they curve over your head and have more stretch
👊🏾Just because it’s your first topper, doesn’t mean you should wear a small one - you need to do what suits your hair situation. Smaller toppers may cause more hair loss (traction alopecia), as the topper might be attaching to sensitive areas of your scalp.
✌🏿Large toppers are for everyone! All our first-time clients absolutely adore the comfort of their large caps!

But don’t let me tell you, an experienced hair wearer of all cap sizes for the past 7 years 😹, but let our community do all the talking.


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