Essentials Wig vs Game Changer Wig

At Lusta Hair we have two wig cap designs // The Lusta Essential Collection and the Lusta Game Changer Collection.

TL; DR // The Lusta Game Changer Collection is specifically designed for women with alopecia or significant hair loss. The Lusta Essential Collection is similar to a topper with a larger surface area.

Here’s how to decide which style of wig will best suit your needs:

The Lusta Essential Collection Wig is similar to a topper, only with a much larger surface area - forming the entire wig. It incorporates a 4X4 inch silk top for multi-directly parting, which mimics a natural scalp.

The Essentials Wigs have wefted backs, meaning each strand of hair is sewn into a weft and attached together to create a full wig. Additionally, there are optional clips and a comb for enhanced fastening when attached to your natural hair. Both the clip and the comb can be removed based on your individual needs and preferences. For instance, the comb and clips come in handy to fasten to your natural hair, but are not necessary if you do not have natural hair to fasten them onto. These wigs can also be worn with wig grips or wig caps. Therefore, the Lusta Essential Collection allows customisation based on your individual needs. The Essential Collection comes in the standard Lusta Colours, similar to our gorgeous toppers.

The Lusta Game Changer Collection is specifically designed for women with total alopecia or very thin/fine natural hair. The Game Changer Collection Wig has a silk top and a lace front to create a realistic hairline. The wig incorporates a very comfortable cap made from soft material with silicone grip across the top sections, at the nape of the neck and over the ear tabs. Therefore, this wig is super secure, particularly for those who do not have hair. When properly applied to a bare scalp, the wig will adhere with enhanced security, remaining in place, even if pulled.

Both styles of wigs come in a wide variety of colours, with the Game Changer Collection available in a different colour range to the Lusta Essential Collection Wigs and Toppers. Therefore, it is best to first decide which cap is best for you before choosing your favourite Lusta hair colour

If you are still unsure about which wig style will suit you best, please contact the Lusta Hair Team at or on instagram for expert personal advice.

Sending you love and dream hair

The Lusta Team x


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