Everything You Need To Know About Lace-Front Wigs

What is a Lace Front Wig?

When it comes to lace front wigs, Lusta Hair are the experts. We've spent YEARS designing and redesigning the perfect lace front pieces. Our wigs don't need to be glued down or fussed around with. All you do is throw on and go! Let's go through everything there is to know about lace front wigs.

How does a lace front wig work?

A lace front wig, as the name suggests, has a piece of lace at the front of the wig. This little piece of lace creates the illusion of a natural-looking hair line. Hair is sewn into the lace which makes it appear as though the hair is growing right out of your scalp!

lace front

What lace front wigs does Lusta offer?

Lusta offers two different types of lace front wigs, Lace Front Essentials and Game Changer. Both of these cap types offer the benefit of a realistic looking hair line. However, they're constructed a bit differently.

The Lace Front Essentials Wig has clips and combs inside the cap which you can use to attach your piece to your hair. However, this is totally optional!

The Game Changer Wig is our most luxurious wig. It has a super soft t-shirt like material inside the cap. It also has silicone material which helps the piece to grip to your head. It is our most secure and comfortable wig for a barely there feel!

lace front essentials wig. Game changer wig

What is the difference between a lace-front and non lace front wig?

At Lusta, our non lace front option is our Essentials wig. Non lace-fronts means you blend your own hair with the piece to create that natural-looking hair line. This is the main difference between the two types of pieces. Basically, if you have your own hairline to blend (and want to blend) pick a non lace front. If you don't have have a hairline to blend, opt for a lace-front!

Who does a lace front work best for?

As previously mentioned, a lace-front is best for those who don't have their own hairline to blend or don't want to have to worry about blending. Another reason you might opt for a lace front is if you have 'unpredictable' hair loss, such as Alopecia Aretata. That way, if you lose more hair in the future you've got all your bases covered!

Are lace-front wigs itchy?

Look... this depends. It depends on what type of lace is used. At Lusta, we use high quality, super soft lace that you can barely feel at all.

How do you cut the lace?

Cutting the lace is super easy! It can seem really daunting, but trust me, you'll be fine. Here's a quick video on how to cut the lace.

Have more questions?

If you have any more questions about wearing lace front wigs, we're always here to chat! Shoot us a message on Instagram or send us an email.

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