Hair Colour Terms 101 – Balayage, Ombre, and Highlights

Hair Colour Terms 101 – Balayage, Ombre, and Highlights

Let’s chat colour! We love bringing hair dreams to life 🤤 We can't get enough. It’s one of our fave parts when we get to work with our style team! Honestly, our stylists can achieve soooooo much! Recently, we've had all kinds of requests... Red, purple, and even PINK. Am I getting you excited? 😏


If you're thinking of inspiration for your next piece, don't worry, we've got you covered 🙌🏻 A good place to start is by booking a chat with one of our hair experts HERE. For now, I'm going to walk through some hair terms you may come across!


Ahh Balayage, a Lusta go-to 😋 Our stylists hand-paint the colour onto the hair to create a gradual, more blended look. Although we love the traditional foil highlights, the smooth transition of a Balayage is great! This is a fantastic option when you’re first starting to experiment with colour. The end result is often a natural, sun-kissed look!



I remember hearing this colour term in my teens! EVERYONE wanted an ombre. Years later, it’s still very much popular! In a nutshell, the ends are a lighter colour. When you hear the term ‘ombre’, think FUN. Are you looking for a change? Or, maybe you’re in the middle of a glow-up? Hello, new year, new me 😍 I love re-inventing myself!

But let’s not forget an Ombre can also be subtle! Quinn rocks our Dreaming in Bronze Ombre below 💛


Highlights are strands of hair lighter than your base colour (lowlights are the opposite, where the strands are darker with a lighter base). This is a great way to add dimension if you want to keep it simple!


WATCH our clip on colouring alternate hair 💇‍♀️


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