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Hair loss- we're breaking the stigma!

When it comes to hair loss, we each have our own story to share. Through this series, get to know the stories of women from all over the world.
Aida is an absolute BADASS when it comes to hair loss. I know a lot of the time we scroll through these hair loss accounts of instagrams and see these women that are just always so confident, and we think 'no way I could ever be like that'. Aida is living proof that you CAN. You can come out the other side stronger than ever ❤️

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Where are you from?

I'm from New York City, (Queens, baby!) but in a crazy twist of fate I fell in love with a Norwegian and after a year of long distance, I followed my heart and have been living with him in the beautiful little city of Bergen, Norway ever since.

When did you start experiencing hair loss? What has your experience been since then?

I was in my early 20's when I first noticed I was losing hair. I distinctly remember the shock I felt one day as I was combing my hair after taking a shower. Looking in the mirror, I suddenly noticed that I could see my scalp and even some of the curvature of my head. Although I know now that the process will have been gradual, in that moment it really did feel like a sudden, slap in the face. I felt stunned, scared and definitely confused....

...Since then, it´s been a whole journey. For the first few years I kept what was happening to me a secret, shrouded in shame and embarrassment. I think that as a Latina, I have definitely felt as though the subject of hair loss is something of a taboo in our culture, making it even harder for me to open up to my family. So even though I have always been lucky to be surrounded by many wonderful caring people, I told no one what was happening or about how I was feeling. I avoided so many activities and scenarios where I felt my hair loss could be “outed”. Even riding the subway to work every day was something I dreaded because of the bright florescent lights. If a guy I was dating stopped calling, I convinced myself it was because he had to have realized I had thinning hair. Even though I tried to disguise it with changing hair styles and a deep reliance on colored dry shampoo, I felt that people had to know and that they must have seen me as less than because of it. In a city with so many glamourous, gorgeous women, I spent so much time comparing their hair to mine and wondering why it felt like I had to be the “only one” going through this. In short, these years were very isolating, and I felt so tired from bearing the weight of my hair loss as a secret.

Who was the first person you told about your hair? How did it go?

It was an ex of mine. We were together for almost two years when he proposed to me. I said yes, but I also felt a heavy sense of, I guess, guilt and knew I wanted to tell him if we were to move forward together in such a serious way (this was about 4 years after my hair loss had started). I was absolutely dreading telling him, I felt sick. I was shaking and I literally could not get the words out of my mouth. I ended up writing it down on a little piece of paper and when I handed it to him, I just immediately started crying. Ugh. He was very cool about it - supportive, accepting and wanting to help me find a solution. But for other reasons, our relationship did not last, and I went back to not telling anyone about my hair loss. Looking back, I realize just how deep rooted the shame was in me and it was going to take another few years before I was at a place where I felt ready to properly acknowledge and deal with it.

How did you find Lusta Hair?

At the very end of 2020 something switched in me. After going through some very tough personal losses, I woke up one day and said to myself I am done with feeling like hair loss controls my life. I went on You Tube and did a search for women´s hair loss. That is when the two Kim´s came into my life, haha. I found the channels for both Kimberly (boss bitch of now Lusta fame) and Kimdubs (a legit queen), both of whom were talking about toppers (uh, what, never heard of search a thing). I was totally amazed and inspired. That lead me to finding the hair loss community on IG, where I got to see and learn even more from Lusta and Kimdubs, not to mention a ton of other incredible, diverse women from all over the world. The education, the ethos, everything that Lusta was sharing on social media made me overwhelmed in the best possible way. I know it probably sounds corny, but it was almost like a light calling me home.

What do you love about wearing hair?

Like a lot of my hair loss sisters, I love that wearing hair makes me feel like an absolute superwoman. I´m pretty sure I sashay instead of just walk whenever I am wearing hair. The sense of power that hair gives me is indescribable. After so many years of feeling like I have no control when it comes to my hair, I now feel like I am in the driver’s seat. My confidence, my perspective, it is all at a place I felt like I could not access before. Wearing hair lets me put my focus and energy on other, more important areas of my life. And surprisingly enough, the confidence that I feel when wearing hair has made me feel a lot more comfortable in the times when I am not wearing hair. I would not have expected that, but I am so grateful that it has.

How has Lusta been part of your hair journey?

In early 2021, I went ahead and decided to book a consult with Georgia. From the get go, she made me feel like a friend and there was no pressure. Soon after that, I ordered my Lusta topper and since then it has felt like a whole new world of possibilities and surprises have come my way. The confidence I have gained, the friends I have made in the hair loss community, and the continued unwavering support from the Lusta girls have changed everything for me.Since then, Holly has helped me step into the world of wigs (a beautiful game changer wig, and now an essentials lace front currently on the way Yes Gawd). Whether it´s new tips and tricks, thoughtful/relatable IG lives, or fun, confidence boosting reels, I feel like Lusta is such a positive contributor to the community and a constant, trusted companion on my journey.

What would your advice be to other women with hair loss?

Do not feel like you have to suffer in silence. Like anything in life, it is important to find your tribe when it comes to hair loss. I spent so many years feeling utterly alone, lost, and hopeless. Finding the hair loss community has allowed me to connect with women facing the same struggles and in turn I have felt so empowered and inspired. So do not let hair loss dictate how you live your life, because life is too short, and we are all deserving of happiness with nothing to hold us back. good hair!So whatever taking the power back looks like for you –wearing hair, braving the shave, any or all of it – do not hesitate any longer than you need to. For me, deciding to wear hair has never meant giving up. If anything, it has meant saying yes to living my best life full of meaningful self-reflection, necessary self-compassion, sincere connections, and of course, really fucking good hair!

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