Hair Stories: Franziska

Hair loss- we're breaking the stigma!

When it comes to hair loss, we each have our own story to share. Through this series, get to know the stories of women from all over the world. Franziska is a boss b**tch Lusta woman who totally embraces the hair-wearing life. Read her story!

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Where are you from?

I am from Hamburg, Germany.

When did you start experiencing hair loss? What has your experience been since then?

I am now 36 and and have been losing my hair since 19 due to androgenetic alopecia. I often felt alone and desperate because of my hair loss and was ashamed to talk about it. I searched the internet for solutions, tried a lot of products, went to see many doctors (some selling very expensive products) but nothing really worked for me.

In 2019 I discovered the hairloss community on Instagram and saw all the lovely ladies rocking their bald head and/or wear alternative hair. Connecting with other women who are going through the same sh*t really saved me. I found my soulmate Lea (@itsnotmyhair) through this community and she helped me with all my questions. She also helped me with ordering my very first topper at Lusta in August 2020.

Who was the first person you told about your hair?

The first peope I told were my husband, my best friend and my family. Even though they first said that I wouldn’t need it, they reacted very supportive and were curious about it.

How did you find out about Lusta?

I found Lusta via Instagram and got in touch with Georgia in August 2020 and then finally ordered my first piece at Lusta Hair. I was scared AF to order something which I had never tried before on the other side of the world, but from the beginning you lovely Lusta ladies were "holding my hand" and assisted with every question.

What do you love about wearing hair?

I love being able to change my style everyday, being able to try different hair styles, updos, etc which I was never able to do with my own bio hair. It gives me confidence and I feel strong and pretty. Wearing hair helped me accept myself whether I wear hair or not.

How has Lusta been part of your hair journey?

I ordered my very first hairpiece at Lusta. From the beginning I felt that the ladies at Lusta were helping and taking care of me with all my questions and concerns. Now it is May 2022, and I own 3 lovely Lusta toppers (the addiction is real, many more to come haha). I love the positive energy and confidence of Lusta which helped me to tell everybody around me that I wear hair and that there is no need to be ashamed of it! And I even started to take off my topper in public when somebody does not believe me that I am wearing hair :-)

What would your advice be to other women with hair loss?

Stop spending your money on hairloss treatments and try alternative hair instead! In the beginning I never thought that this would be something for me but in the end I only regret that I did not try it earlier! You are beautiful with and without hair and there is no need to be ashamed of it. Stop worrying what others may say. You rock whatever you decide to do.


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