Hair Topper Story: Hattie

Meet Hattie.


Hattie is an incredible woman from the UK. Hattie has had trichotilomania (trich) for a lot of her life. Trich is a compulsive hair-pulling disorder which means you pull out hair to deal with anxiety and stress.

For the past few years, Hattie has been wearing Lusta toppers to help her feel more confident in her hair. But, now it's time for a new piece! Come along on Hattie's journey to creating her dream hair with Lusta.

STEP 1) Sending pictures & choosing the piece

For any Lusta customer, the first step in finding the right piece is to send us picture of what you're looking for. You can send these pictures via email or to our instagram If you're wanting to match your own hair to the topper, follow this link on how to take the best photos:

Hattie sent us these pictures of her own hair:

hattie hattie

And she also sent us some 'inspiration photos' for what she liked in a piece:

hattie. hattie

We also asked Hattie to measure the length of her hair using a flexible measuring tape. Her hair measured 23" so we chose a 24" piece for her as it's best to have a topper 1-2 inches longer than your own hair. We also chose a 9x9 cap size for Hattie as this would mean the clips wouldn't clip into any sensitive areas of her scalp.

At Lusta, we basically become your personal hair shopper and find a piece which ticks all your boxes. All we need to know is the length and colour you need for your piece, and then we get to work!

STEP 2) Customisations

Hattie needed something that would match perfectly to her own hair at the roots and also have some gorgeous dimension throughout. We decided to do a Custom Colour.

We send the piece we chose for Hattie, along with her photos, to our magical Lusta Style Team. Our Stylists have over two decadeds of experience working on alternative hair and they really are the best of the best.

As well as adding a beautiful Custom Colour, our stylists also added the Lusta Signature Cut to Hattie's piece. The Signature Cut means that some gorgeous face-framing layers will be cut into the piece for extra lightness and realism.

STEP 3) Confirming the Hair Love

Once the piece arrives back to Lusta HQ, we send some videos and photos of the final product to Hattie. Whenever you add customisations to a piece, we ALWAYS send you photos/videos to make sure you LOVE it. If you feel it's not quite right, we'll make any adjustments needed.

This was Hattie's response to the videos we sent:


Okay... are you ready to see the final result?

hattie hattie


We are so obsessed with this beautiful rosey-gold piece! It's such a unique, rich colour and we think this matches Hattie's personality perfectly.

This is what hattie had to say:

"This is my second Lusta topper and I'm absolutely in love with it. I don't know how the Lusta girls have done it, but they've managed to make the silk top even flatter than before! It's so undetectable that even my Step-Mum (who knows I wear toppers) genuinely thought it was my natural hair. If that isn't a compliment, I don't know what is!"

Customising a piece can seem a little overwhelming. But it's actually super easy! All we need is some photos and a few measurements and we can create just about anything you've been dreaming of ❤️

Let us know what you think of Hattie's new hair in the comments ⬇️


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