Hair Toppers for Short Hair

Winter is the best time for short hair! In Winter you're often wearing big coats, scarves and lots of layers- and having a topper that sits above all these layers is awesome. It helps your hair topper stay perfect all day long.

These are some of our favourite short hair toppers!

1. Rooted Blonde

We're kicking things off with this gorgeous light blonde topper with roots. The gentle curls we styled into this piece just make this short hair topper look so effortless!

short topper

2. Dark Sleek Topper
This short hair topper is giving sleek, undercover super spy vibes. We love this subtle concave bob style. This is the peek of Winter hair.

short hair topper

3. Rooted Dark Blonde

This short hair topper is so versatile! The darker brown root means that it can blend with so many brunette hair colours. The dimension in this piece is just perfect.

short hair topper

4. Rooted Blonde Topper
Here's another blonde short topper which we're absolutely obsessed with! This is such a fun, swishy length.

short hair topper

5. Light Brunette

Another super sleek, brunette short hair topper. This piece is a gorgeous length for winter styling. This light brunette colour is ultra natural.

short hair topper

6. Highlighted Dark Brunette

This is the perfect colour for those with naturally very dark hair, but want to add some fun highlights! We love these gorgeous, natural highlights which make the piece so effortlessly dimensional.

short hair topper

7. Light Brunette with Dimension

We're obsessed with this cute concave length! The natural dimension in this piece is so pretty.

short hair topper

8. Dark Brunette

For those that want a darker look, this piece is so gorgeous! Such a swishy length topper and perfect for winter.

short hair topper

9. Dimensional Light Brunette

How pretty is this hair?! We love these curls we styled into this piece. They really bring out the dimensional colour.

short hair topper

10. Light Brunette

Lucky last, we have this super sleek light brunette short hair topper. There's just something so pretty about this length!

short hair topper

Let us know which is your favourite in the comments 👇


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