It's Valentine’s week and with that comes… DATING! 😫

Whether it's going on a date with your bae of 15 years, or going on a date with a new match from Tinder, dating and wearing hair can be totally nerve-wracking 😬

Meeting someone new comes with so many challenges. Before new Tinder fling even starts to make plans, you're thinking, "please let them pick the cinema 🙏"… the darkness will be your friend, right?

But they do NOT pick the cinema, instead the suggestion is a picnic in the park, in full daylight. Shit.

Now what the $%^& do I do about my hair? Maybe I can wear a hat? 💁‍♀️

You don't need to worry. People are CLUELESS about hair! They just do not notice. We know it's easy for us to say, but truly in ALL our years of wearing hair, we've NEVER had anything said to us.

Dating can be daunting enough! But…dating with hair loss.

A whole. new. level.

Here are our tips for getting through your first date when you're new to the alternate hair world.

1. Practice

Bio hair or alternate hair, testing out a new hairstyle when you're getting ready for a first date is always a no. Tensions are already high pre-date. So, practice exactly what hair you're going to rock on the day. A perfect look is a practised look.

2. Prepare

On the wild chance that your date brings up your hair…( chances are it will just be a ‘your hair is incredible’ comment)…be prepared. The best defence is always a plan.

If your date says, "I love your hair" just reply with a, "thanks". Simple, easy.

Now if someone asks a more probing question like, "have you done something to your hair?" You can just go with a, "yeah, I went to the salon today."

They, notice it's thicker (they won't, but if they do) the BEST response is, "yep, I got hair extensions" or if you’re game, just tell then straight out that it’s a ‘piece’. The more confident you are in your hair, the reaction will follow.

3. Sex

The topic no one wants to talk about… 🙈 but we have to, right??

When it comes to getting your date between the sheets, what on EARTH are you supposed to do? Now, let's get personal, us babes of Lusta HQ don't wear our alternate hair during sexy time...but that doesn't mean you can't. We just don't recommend anything too rough 🙊. No one wants topper or wig clips pulling on their hair.

And with all of that, here's our life advice…If the person you’re on a date with is rude or non-accepting of your situation, they're probably not the one. You dodged a bullet! Lucky you!

You know we all LOVVVEE hearing your dating stories so please get in touch with us and give us the juicy gossip!


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