Hollie's Alopecia Story

Hair loss warrior and Lusta bestie Hollie @alo.hollie has sat down to chat with us on her hair loss journey and whats she's learnt.

What is your hair loss story?

Hi, I’m Hollie (alo.hollie on insta) and I have had Alopecia Universalis for twenty years, I was 13 when I first noticed I was losing my hair. I’m not too sure why this happened to me, it had developed so suddenly and no one in my family has experienced Alopecia. Within two months I’d lost most of the hair and was wearing a bucket hat to school. I went to many specialist appointments, trying steroid injections and some awful smelling tar-like cream to help stimulate the hair follicles. None of it worked and so I decided that treatment was not for me… acceptance was. I’ve never really been one for support groups and at the time of losing my hair there were none in my state, I kind of missed the boat on meeting others with the condition and seeking their support. I’d never spoken to another person with Alopecia Universalis until this year (2020). Over the course of my experience, I’ve worn several different types of wigs. Human hair, synthetic hair, suction caps, open weft, closed weft, hand-tied. Wigs have come a long way in the past 20 years and there is so much choice available now. I love it.

What is the best thing about wearing alternative hair?

The best part of wearing alternative hair is curling your wig three days ago, waking up in the morning, putting it on and instantly looking effortlessly amazing!

What is some advice you would give to someone new in the hair wearing world?

It doesn’t matter what others think of your hair loss. The only opinions that matters is your own.

What was made you most nervous about wearing your first piece and how did you overcome it?

I wasn’t nervous, I’d worn a hat for the past 18 months and I was so ready to move on. I do remember being nervous about the colour but it was a perfect match so no worries. I also understood that it was never going to replace my bio hair, there were annoying limitation but it did the job and helped me to feel normal again.

How did you tell the people in your life about wearing hair?

I let them know when it comes up, I have no shame and I love building awareness. I’ve had so many positive experiences in sharing my story that I see no reason to hide or shy away from my truth.


:D Last one

And the last question for fun, what fictional character would you say you’re most like?

Warning, I’m about to show my inner nerd! I strongly admire and feel I’m most like Captain Kathryn Janeway from Startrek Voyager. Aside from her amazing hair, she was the most iconic 90’s representation of strong female leadership. Janeway was assertive and confident in the face of adversity and extremely challenging situations. Looking back at my icon 20 years later has not changed my opinion of her character, although looking back I do laugh at how corny the show was.


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