How Do I Know What Size Hair Topper to Get?

Hello, hair queens! 🌼

So, you've decided to delve into the world of hair toppers. First off, let me give a big congrautlations! I remember when I first made that decision. The myriad of choices, sizes, and styles seemed overwhelming. But trust me, once you know a bit more, it’s as simple as picking a new pair of shoes.

Now, let’s talk about cap sizes. If you’re imagining something like choosing a hat size, take a step back. It's a little different than that.

First things first, the size of a topper doesn't work like a wig. It’s not about fitting the topper snugly around your entire head. In fact, the size of your head doesn't matter at all when it comes to toppers. There are a bunch of topper cap sizes out there from petite 3"x 3" pieces to 10" x 10" caps. With each size, the key is finding what complements your hair and needs, ensuring that those little clips are nestled in comfortable spots.

Speaking of those clips, ever noticed how some areas of your scalp can be a tad more sensitive than others? Yep, me too! That’s why it’s super crucial to ensure your topper’s clips are not digging into any of those areas. We don’t want any of those 'ouch' moments. Comfort is king (or should I say, queen?). If you're experiencing patchy forms of hair loss, such as alopecia areata, this is especially important. You want to make sure that the clips are going to have enough hair to clip into.

If you do have sensitive areas, you'll want to pull out a flexible measuring tape and measure out where the clips will sit on your head. For example, grab your measuring tape and measure out 7". Then, take your measuring tape and line up the beginning of the tape with your hair line. This is where the clips will be clipping in. Next measure horizontally across your head. This way you'll be able to figure out where the clips will sit on your head. If you find a sensitive or bald area, try the next cap size up, until you find the measurements where you don't have any particuarly sensitive areas.

Here at Lusta, after helping countless women, we offer three cap sizes that will beautifully serve most of you: 7"x7", 8"x8", and 9"x9". I can already hear someone asking, "Is there a massive difference between them?" Honestly, not really. It’s a subtle difference. It's a bit like choosing between two almost identical shades of red lipstick.

Now, let me share some insider knowledge:

  1. Consult, consult, consult! Don’t be shy. We at Lusta are here for you. Join one of our virtual hair hangouts. Trust me, they're super chill and fun. Plus, it's the perfect space to ask questions. You can book your chat HERE.

  2. Hair Condition Matters: If your hair is thinning significantly at the crown, a larger topper might provide better coverage. If you feel like clipping a piece into your own hair isn't your vibe, or you have an unpredictable form of hair loss, you might opt for a wig instead.

Remember, this journey of wearing hair is uniquely yours. Whether it's due to hair thinning, styling, or just a personal choice, there's no 'one-size-fits-all'. Your reasons, your preferences, and your choices are valid and embraced. I went through a time when I had to navigate the maze of hair loss solutions. It was tricky, but once I found my groove, I felt more in tune with my authentic self.

So, before you fret over whether you're a 7"x7" or an 8"x8", just remember that it's all about comfort, blending, and that beautiful natural look. Whichever size you end up choosing, know that it's all about enhancing the already incredible YOU. And, if you ever need a nudge or some guidance, we're right here. Let's find that dream hair together!

Sending love and positive hair vibes your way.


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