Breaking Free from Hair Loss: Embracing Your Worth and Potential

I’ve been thinking lately about how hair loss made me ‘settle’ in life. And I don’t just mean settle with the fact that I had thin hair, but settle in so many aspects of my life.

Hair loss is a deeply personal experience that can have profound effects on our self-esteem and how we perceive our place in the world. However, it's important to challenge this mindset and recognise that hair loss does not define our worth.

hair loss

I didn’t believe I was deserving of true friendships, I settled for unsupportive friends.
I didn’t believe I was deserving of a fulfilling relationship, so I settled when it came to dating.
I didn’t believe I was deserving of a promotions or new job opportunities in my career, I worked jobs I hated for years.

THAT IS SUCH BS. Plain and simple. Sometimes I catch myself falling back into that thinking pattern and have to pull myself out of it.

Hair loss can trigger a cascade of negative emotions and self-doubt, making us believe that we are not deserving of the best life has to offer. It's crucial to acknowledge that these thoughts are nothing more than self-imposed limitations. Our worthiness is not contingent upon our physical appearance but rather on our inherent qualities, talents, and the way we treat others.

Hair loss can make us feel so unworthy. But this is NOT THE REALITY. With or without hair you are deserving of beautiful friendships, fulfilling relationships and a career where you shine.

Instead of succumbing to societal expectations and unrealistic beauty standards, we must embrace our intrinsic value. Hair loss may alter our physical appearance, but it should never define who we are as individuals. We have unique qualities, strengths, and perspectives that make us worthy of love, respect, and success. By cultivating self-compassion and recognizing our own worth, we can break free from the belief that hair loss diminishes our value.

hair loss

Alopecia (and other forms of hair loss) can take away the strands on our head, but don’t ever let it take away WHO YOU ARE.

It’s time to stop settling. You’re worth it ❤️


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