How Long Does a Human Hair Topper Last?

You're ready to invest in yourself and get your first ever human hair topper. Hooray! If this is your first time wearing hair or you've previously worn synthetic hair toppers, making the leap into the human hair world can be exciting, yet nerve-wracking. Human hair toppers are usually an investment, meaning you want to make sure you get a quality piece that's going to last you a long time. So, today we're talking about hair topper longevity.

Not all human hair toppers are created equal. There's a huge variety in quality of hair toppers out there. Some are made with lower quality hair than others and every company uses different sewing techniques to create their pieces. Some hand-sew their pieces, and others use machines to sew. So, naturally, there's going to be a lot of variation in how long these pieces will last you.

Higher quality hair toppers (like Lusta 😉) will last you 2-3 years, whereas lower quality pieces may only last 6-12 months.

How do you know when you have to retire your topper to the hair graveyard?

After 2-3 years of wearing your Lusta piece, she's not going to just spontaneously combust. Here are 3 signs that your piece needs to be replaced:

  1. She feels dry
    As your topper hair isn't getting nourished by the natural oils of your scalp, the piece can start to feel dry over time. You can combat this by using high quality shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments which are made to give added hydration.

  2. She's losing hair
    After wearing and washing your piece for years, the hair strands which have been so carefully sewn into the cap of the piece slowly loosen. This causes the hair to fall out of the piece, also known as 'shedding'. Don't worry though! This process doesn't happen over night.

  3. You're ready for a refresh
    Most people find they're ready to switch up their hair every 2-3 years. Maybe you want to try a new colour or cut.

If you're investing in a high quality human hair topper, expect to get 2-3 years out of your piece!


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