How to Care for Fine Hair

Having finer hair can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, your hair is usually silkier, softer and much less likely to get knots or tangles. But, finer hair is more likely to break and become damage because it is much more delicate than coarse hair.

So, how do you keep your fine hair healthy and strong? We spoke to the Lusta Expert Style Team to get their top tips.

  1. Air Dry 75%
    We all love a silky smooth blow dry, but finer haired girls should lay off the heat tools a bit. Wet hair can be likened to spaghetti. It's super easy to break and become damaged, and applying heat doesn't help. To minimise the risk of damage, let your hair dry about 75% before going in with your blowdryer

    blowdrying hair

  2. Reduce Your Shampoo
    Overdoing it with the shampoo can actually dry your hair out over time, causing it to become more brittle and easily damaged. Most stylist's recommend that you only wash your hair 1-2 times per week. This allows for the natural oils of your scalp to do their thing and provide nourishment for those hair follicles.

    washing hair less

  3. Swap Out Your Pillowcase
    Silk pillowcases = silky hair. Trying out a silk pillowcase can do wonders for your hair. This material is much less likely to cause tangling and it doesn't pull or grip to your hair like other pillowcases do. Normal pillowcases also allow for more bacteria build up, which isn't good for your hair.

    silk pillow case for healthier hair

  4. Try Scalp Oils
    Give your fine hair a little extra loving with scalp oils. Scalp oils are great for moisturising and strengthening the skin on your scalp. A healthier scalp can lead to healthier hair, so it's important not to overlook your scalp health. Opt for natural oils such as argan oil, sunflower oil, shea oil or almond oil.

  5. Get a Trim
    I feel like this one gets thrown around a lot. And as much as 'cutting your hair makes it grow faster' is just an old wive's tale (sorry), there is something to getting regular trims for healthier hair. Stylists reccomend getting a trim at least every 6-8 weeks. Finer hair is more prone to split ends and regular trimming prevents this. Plus, to get more volume in your hair, you don't want split ends weighing down the ends of your hair.

    hair cut for healthier hair

Do you have a tip for managing fine hair? We'd love to hear it!


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