How to Make Wigs Look Real?

Hello! Holly here 🥰

I have had alopecia since I was born- which means I've never had hair of my own. Instead, I wear wigs. Growing up, I wore some truly awful looking wigs. We just didn't have the options we do today when I was growing up in the 90's. Thankfully, the options we have today are much better.


I wanted to share with you my best tips for making your wigs look realistic.

  1. Start with a Good Base

    Choosing a wig which already looks realistic is going to set you up for success. The most realistic wigs on the market (like Lusta 😉) are going to be more of an investment up-front, but for me this cost has always been worth it. It makes it so much easier and stress-free to make my wigs look natural.

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    Human hair wigs are going to look a lot more natural than synthetic hair wigs. However, if your budget only allows for synthetic, you'll still be able to work with it to make it look more natural- it's just going to take more effort.

  2. Styling Your Wig

    Styling your wig is going to help it look more natural and feel like 'you'. For example, I like to wear my hair in a middle part with some soft waves. I usually style my hair back off my face through blowdrying the piece back. This feels most natural to me.

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    You'll need to figure out your own method for styling. Maybe you prefer your wig straight? Maybe you like some tight ringlet curls? Whatever way feels most natural to you is the right way!

    Especially if you've ordered your new wig online, it will likely need a bit of a restyle when it arrives. Wetting your wig and blowdrying it will give it a whole new lease on life.

  3. Wear it futher back than you might expect

    A common mistake I see people making with their new wig is wearing their piece too far forward. For women who are wearing a wig over their own natural hair, this isn't as much of a problem. Most women with their own hair will be able to find where their own hair line is and match the wig up with this.

    For women like me, with no hair at all, this can be a little trickier. Take some time to play around with where you wear your wig to find the right spot for you.

  4. Add makeup powder to the silk to lace transition

    If you're a silk top, lace-front wig wearer you might find that the transition between the silk and the lace looks a bit 'harsh'. This is SO easy to fix. All you need to do is add a spot of makeup powder (just your usual powder foundation will do) to that line. It instantly covers it and looks so much more natural!

These are my top 4 tips to making your wig look super natural. Something else I wanted to share is that remember that no one is looking at your 'hair' as much as you are. We tend to see flaws in ourselves that no one else sees. I bet you've had a friend point out a flaw to you- maybe it's a zit on their forehead or a crook in their nose- and it's something you had never noticed about them. Our insecurities feel so big to ourselves and so small to others.

Maybe when you're looking at yourself up close in the mirror you can see that your hair is a wig. I mean, you're already priveledged with that information so you become hyper-aware of it. For others, not so much.

I cannot tell you how many times people have been completely SHOCKED when I tell them my hair is a wig. Even on days where I don't think my wig looks as 'real', people are completely bamboozled when I tell them.

If you're looking for more wig tips I'm always here to help! Come book a free chat with me.


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