How to style a human hair wig?

The Art of Styling a Human Hair Wig

One of the main benefits of a human hair wig is that you can style them just like regular hair. Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair wigs allow for much more flexibility with styling.

Although some women love the fact that when they wash their synthetic wig, it will dry in the same style every time (curled, straight, etc.), for most women, having the flexibility to change up the style of their wig, just like real hair, is much more important.

So, let's talk about some of the styles you can achieve with a human hair wig.

Styling Human Hair Toppers or Wigs with Heat

Human hair has the ability to be styled with heat just like natural hair. Unlike synthetic wigs, it won't melt when it comes into contact with your straightener.

Before you heat style your piece, it's best to apply a salon-grade heat protectant. We personally love this one from Davroe. However, you can use anything accesible to you, as long as it's sulphate-free and high quality.

We also reccomend using a low-medium heat setting wherever possible.

A mannequin head will also make styling your piece so much easier. You can purchase mannequin heads on Amazon or eBay- we reccomend looking for a plastic head with a stand.

  • Straightening: Straightening your wig is super easy! Just like your own hair, you'll glide the straightener down each strand of hair.

    straight wig

  • Curling: Whether you're into loose waves or tight ringlets, the choice of the barrel is your wand. And pro-tip? Let your curls cool down before you play around. They'll set better, and you'll have those waves for days.

    curled wig

    Loose Curls Tutorial with a Straightener:

    Loose Curls Tutorial with a Curling Wand:

    curly wig

    Tight Curls Tutorial:

  • Blowdrying: Think of this as setting the foundation. A round brush is your mate here, giving you sleekness with a touch of volume. And remember, always blow-dry in the direction of the hair to keep things smooth.

    Blowdrying tutorial:

  • Crimping: Ah, a trip down memory lane. If you're into that throwback texture, ensure your crimper’s heat is adjusted right and work section by section.

  • Mermaid Waving: This is for those of you chasing that ethereal, mythical vibe. Use a mermaid waver for those large, dreamy waves, moving from top to tip. You'll be channeling oceanic vibes in no time!

Styling Up-dos: The Sky is Your Limit

Sometimes, we all want our hair up and away. Or maybe you’re feeling fancy and want something intricate. Whatever the mood, up-dos are here to stay.

  • Ponytails: The OG of hairstyles. High, low, side, or middle - whichever way you swing, ensure it's tangle-free. And if you want to be a tad extra, wrap a strand around the base. It’s the little things, right?

    pony tail in a wig

    Ponytail tutorial:

  • Buns: Be it the messy, “I woke up like this” or the neat, “I've got my life together” bun - they're all winners. Play around, experiment, and remember, hairpins are your secret weapon here.

    bun in a wig

    Bun tutorial:

  • Braids: From the simple three-strand braid to the intricate fishtail, braids are versatile and oh-so-stylish. They’re a bit like the multi-taskers of the hair world - from workouts to weddings, they fit right in.

    braids in a wig

  • Plaits: Plaits are all about intertwining and weaving, adding texture and depth. They’re the poetry of the hair world – trust me on this. Play around, get creative, maybe even throw in some accessories.

    Plaits tutorial:

So, you see? It's effortless. Once you've styled your wig, it holds that style, living its best life until the next wash. And speaking of washing, here's some icing on the cake: you only need to wash it once a month. Yep, once a month! It’s like your wig is on this chill, relaxed routine, and honestly, we could all learn something from that.


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