How Wearing Wigs Changed My Life

Hey there, I'm Holly – the gal who's been playing a lifelong game of hide and seek with her hair. Spoiler alert: my hair's winning. I've had Alopecia Universalis since I was six, which basically means I don't grow any hair and haven't done so for the better part of two decades.

alopecia kids
Me as a child

Wigs and I have a love-hate relationship. Growing up, they were like those well-meaning relatives at family gatherings – always there, but not always comfortable. Picture it: itchy, unrealistic, and looking more like a bad Halloween costume than actual hair. Yeah, not the best look for a girl trying to fly under the radar. Every time someone looked my way, I'd think, "Please don't ask about my hair, please don't ask about my hair." I wanted to be invisible. I didn't want even an ounce of attention on me, because....what if they found out about my hair loss?

alopecia wigs
An old wig I used to wear

But then, enter Lusta. I didn't just join the team; I became the architect of my own wig designs. Dream come true? Heck yeah. I rolled up my sleeves and designed wigs that checked all my boxes: comfy as a cloud, realistic enough to make a hairdresser do a double-take, and stylish as heck. It was like putting on the glass slipper, except it was for my head, and it fit perfectly.

best wigs for hair loss
My Lusta Wig!

This newfound confidence wasn't just about wearing a better wig; it was about breaking free from the insecurities that had held me captive for so long. I started stepping into conversations without fear. For the first time, I didn't worry about whether people would guess my hair was a wig. I was just Holly – vibrant, bold, and unapologetically me.

Now, at 31, I feel like I've come full circle. I've gone from hiding behind my wigs to wearing them with pride. They're no longer a disguise but a reflection of my style and personality. I share my story openly, hoping to inspire others who might be struggling with hair loss. I want them to know they're not alone and that it's okay to be both vulnerable and strong.

best wigs for hair loss

My journey with Alopecia has taught me that we're more than our appearances. We're a collection of stories, dreams, and experiences. My hair, or lack thereof, isn't my defining feature. I'm Holly first, and everything else is just part of my story.

So here I am, living my life with Alopecia, not just surviving but thriving. And if you're on a similar path, remember, it's not just about finding the right hair; it's about finding yourself.


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