How Wigs and Toppers Can Help You Heal

For many women, toppers and wigs are the perfect solution to their hair loss problem.

It’s not a gimmick or bullshit miracle cure – it legitimately solves the issue of not having as much hair as you’d like!

Finding the right hair piece could be the start of your healing journey.

While the work doesn’t end there (as we’ll explain), it can be the kickstart you need to move away from the pain of hair loss.

Shedding old habits and new beginnings

Everyone’s hair loss journey looks different, but there are women who will tell you purchasing hair was the first step.

Wearing a wig or topper is often the first time they’ve felt confident and beautiful in years.

This is a damn important boost that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The power of good hair is real – and it’s why this community is full of women who’ve embraced the hair-wearing lifestyle and never looked back.

As well as increased self-esteem, our clients also experience a shedding of old toxic habits; late-nights searching the web for a miracle cure, counting hairs in their brush, analysing their scalp in the mirror.

Wigs and toppers give people their freedom, time and confidence back.

So that’s it, right?

Well, not exactly.

Wigs and toppers are amazing, but they aren’t magical.

They can get you some of the way to where you need to be when it comes to healing from hair loss. The rest is up to you.

It’s known as doing the “inner work”, which sounds a bit la-di-fucking-da, but having been in that dark place ourselves, we know it’s legit.

What this looks like might be different for you to the woman next to you. But three universal steps you can take include:

  • Expanding your identity outside of your alopecia. You aren’t just “a woman with hair loss who wears wigs”. You’re a career woman, a mother, a volunteer, a passionate collector of antique spoons, a man eater – who knows – but there is a lot more to you than your hair. And recognising that can help you tap into other things you love about yourself.
  • Not being afraid of hair loss. Now you have that perfect wig or topper, what happens to your bio hair really matters a lot less from here on in. You no longer need to be scared! Remind yourself of that.
  • Talking to women in the hair loss community. Strength in numbers, right? Realising you aren’t alone in the process goes a long way. Nothing is as scary or painful when you’re surrounded by others who understand it.

We’re here for you

The Lusta Hair Team doesn’t just want to know you at the “add to cart” phase.

We are here to hold your hand from start to finish – and in our eyes – there is no finish!

The Lusta Hair crew is a community of women who we want to form lifelong relationships with.

So, while we can help you colour match the ideal topper, we also want to know about your story. That’s how real queens join forces to rule the world.


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