Is Your Topper or Wig Collecting Dust in your Closet?

If you purchased a a hair topper or wig and it's now sitting in a box in the deep, dark corners of your closet, this blog is for you.

Okay, let's start from the beginning. You purchased a piece, weeks, months or maybe even years ago. Those first moments of unboxing your brand new hair was filled with excitement and nerves. Maybe, hopefully, this could be the answer to your prayers. The chance to finally have the hair of your dreams.

As you unwrapped your gorgeous new piece, all the feelings start to hit. And that first time putting it on your head was the most overwhelmed you've ever felt. You looked different. One minute you had thin hair and the next, Hollywood locks. Wow.

The colour was gorgeous and the hair felt so silky smooth. But something just didn't quite feel right. Did it look like a wig? Did it not look natural? Was it just not 'you'?

Maybe you even gave it a chance. You whipped out your styling tools, your blowdryer and straightener and gave it a restyle (this is a MUST when you first get your piece. Don't give up on your piece until you try this). You sprayed it with some water, blowdryed it flat and straightened the hair to make it match your own.

You pop it on your head again. Better. It felt more like you. It was the hair you always, always dreamed of. You spent the evening taking selfies and trying out new styles. Slowly, but surely, falling in love.

You go to bed thinking about debuting your new hair piece at work the next day. That's when all the negative thoughts start to creep in. Everyone's going to know.... Will I have to explain my hair loss to strangers?... What will my friends think?

I get it. I was there too. All that self-doubt gets so loud.

So, your new dream hair becomes your greatest fear. You regret even getting her in the first place. You retire her to the closet before she even gets a chance to debut her career.

This is your sign to give your piece another chance. This is your sign to be brave.

When I wore hair for the first time, I was terrified. I was convinced that EVERYONE I passed on the street knew my hair was fake. I was convinced my friends were discussing my hair line behind my back. I was convinced everyone judging me.

But as the day went on, I realised something very anti-climatic. No one was looking at me. No one even suspecting there was something up with my hair. I found myself kinda disappointed. I had spent the entire night agonising over what people would say when they saw my hair, planning out my retorts. But NOTHING.

The thing is, you are missing out on the opportunity to feel the life changing feeling of wearing hair. I know that first time wearing hair can be SO scary, but it is SO worth it. Truly.

If you need help adjusting to your new piece, all I ask is that you book a chat with us. We know how transformative wearing hair can be and it breaks my heart to hear that yours is just sitting in your cupboard 💔 You can book a free chat via this link

Wearing hair the very first time is scary, but you got this!

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Lynn Truscott

Unfortunately mine is in my cupboard because I now have total hair loss and can’t wear it , so sad because I loved on on , now can only wear my game changers