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If you've been following the Lusta journey over the past few years, you'll know that Lusta Hair has been synonymous with silk top pieces. We absolutely love the durability, realism and comfort you get with silk top pieces and we always will.

But, we've heard you! You want to see how incredible the Lusta quality combined with lace top pieces would be. So we accepted the challenge. Over the past year we have been working to design the ultimate lace top pieces. We wanted to incorporate all the best parts of the Lusta silk top designs with the benefits of lace. So... now we bring to you, The Lusta Luxe Wig and The Lusta Lace Topper. Let's get to know these new girls on the block.

The Lusta Luxe Wig

Meet Lusta's first EVER lace top wig. We are so proud of this wig design and we think you're going to absolutely love her!

lusta luxe wig Lusta Luxe Wig

Cap Design:

The Luxe Wig cap design is quite similar to our Essentials and Lace-Front Essentials cap. It has one clip on either of the piece, right where the ear tabs are, adjustable straps and velvet on the nape. With the Luxe Wig, the top part of the piece is completely made out of Swiss Lace (imagine swapping out that silk top section for lace). This single piece of lace extends to create a lace-front-giving the illusion of a realistic hair line. The great part about this is there is no transition line between the lace-front and the top of the wig.

Like all our cap designs, you don't need to use any glue or tape to make the piece secure. You can choose to use the clips if that's your jam or use a lace-top wig grip which you'll receive with your Luxe Wig order.

Lace top wigs lace top wig lace top wig

Is the Luxe Wig right for you?

The Luxe Wig can be worn by just about everybody. Hair or no hair, this wig will work for you. If you're looking for a piece you can style super flat and sleek OR add more volume too, she's a fantastic option. She's also lower density and lighter weight than our silk top pieces.

Overall, many women will opt for a lace top as their 'going out' piece for special occasions and a lighter look.

Lusta Lace Toppers

Think of lace toppers as the perfect step between a silk topper and a wig. They're a really great option for certain types of hair loss and we're so excited to be offering them at Lusta. Let me give you the run down.

lace top topper lace top topper

Cap Design:

All Lusta Lace Toppers have a 10"x10" cap. This makes her the largest of the Lusta caps. Just like our silk tops, this cap has 6 Pressure Sensitive Clips for you to use to secure the piece to your own hair. However, the placement of the clips is different and they follow the 'U-shape' of the cap. There is also a comb for extra security- but this comb is placed at the back of the cap. Of course, you can customise the clip and comb placement with some simple sewing.

With the Lace Topper, the top part of the piece is completely made out of Swiss Lace (imagine swapping out that silk top section for lace). This single piece of lace extends to create a lace-front-giving the illusion of a realistic hair line. The great part about this is there is no transition line between the lace-front and the top of the piece.

lace top cap design lace top cap design lace top cap design

Is the Lusta Lace Topper right for you?

Receding hair line and frontal-fibrosing alopecia girls we see you! You are going to fall in love with lace tops. The Lace Topper works best for women who don't have much hair at the front to blend, but still some hair towards the back of the head. If your hair looks similar to the woman below, lace tops might be your match made in hair heaven.

Frontal fibrosing alopecia hair loss

As the Lace Top also has a lace front, this means its not made to blend with your own hair, instead you get a ultra-realistic looking hair line with the lace. If you'd prefer to blend your hair at the front, opt for a silk top instead. Women with enough hair in the front to blend may find that the Lace Top sits a bit too high on their head or will look more 'bulky'. So, lace tops are best for women with receding or very thin hair lines.

As the piece is secured with clips, you do need to have some hair to clip into. If you don't have your own hair to clip into, you'll probably prefer to opt for the Luxe Wig.

Lace Toppers are THE perfect option for those who still have some hair they want to leave out, but don't have a hair line to blend. They're a great stepping stone between a silk topper and a lace-front wig.

Silk Top vs. Lace Top

Due to the delicate nature of lace tops, the Luxe Wig will last for about a year, compared to silk tops which can last 2-3 years. After a year, you may notice some of the hair strands loosen and will shed. This is why many women reserve this piece for special occasions, rather than daily wear. However, it's totally up to you! You do need to be a bit gentler with your lace top piece, that means I'd probably skip the beach when wearing a lace top and be ultra gentle when washing.

As the top of the piece is a single layer of lace, there is nowhere to 'hide' the return hairs. Although these return hairs may look a bit alarming at first, they're very easy to hide with a quick blowdry. Check out THIS video which explains more. With silk top pieces this 'issue' isn't as prevelant as the return hairs can be hidden within the material of the silk top. With a silk top, the cap has three layers. The bottom layer is a thin piece of material which is designed to feel comfortable on your hair/scalp. The second layer is a mesh fabric which the hair strands are sewn into. The top layer is the silk material which gives the illusion of a real scalp. The return hairs are concealed betwen the top layer and middle layer on a silk top piece.

Return hair in wigs

If you have no hair at all, you may notice the lace sensation on your scalp. Especially for those who are used to wearing our ultra-soft, ultra-comfy Game Changer, the lace top can be a bit of an adjustment. For me, it's not 'itchy', but I can definitely feel there is something on my head, whereas with the Game Changer I completely forget I'm even wearing anything!
If you've got some hair, you probably won't notice it at all.

With a silk top, it comes in-built with a realistic part line. As you can't see through the cap, you don't need to worry at all about your hair/scalp underneath. But, with a lace top, the top area is transparent, meaning you can see underneath. For most people, this is no problem. Simply match up your own part line with the wig part line and you're good to go! Others may find that to make it look super realistic, they like to use scar tape on their scalp.


Okay, so now you have all the details, you want to see them in action. Click the links below ⬇️

Lusta Luxe Wig

Lusta Lace Toppers

How to Put on Your Lace Topper

Lace Topper in Action

If you have ANY questions about our lace top pieces, book a chat with us or reach out via email/instagram DM.


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