Lusta Wrapped: Our Favourite Wigs of 2023

It's spotify wrapped season. We're putting our own Lusta spin on it and showing you some of our favourite wigs of 2023.

We've had an EPIC year of creating gorgeous human hair wigs and toppers for all you beautiful women all over the world. Stunning ashy balayages. Deliciously deep brunettes. We've been through the whole hair colour rainbow!

Let's take a look at the best wigs of 2023.

  1. Holly's Dark Blonde Wig
    We're starting off with Holly's dark blonde Game Changer Wig! This has been Holly's go-to piece throughout the year. We think Holly really found her dream colour this year. After having alopecia for over 2 decades, it's been difficult for Holly to know what her 'real' hair colour would be. But, we think she's nailed it!

    blonde wig

  2. Brunette Topper with Highlights
    We became OBSESSED with this hair colour this year. If you're a natural brunette, adding these little pops of highlights is a great way to change up your look.

    dark brown topper

  3. Lucy's Red Wig with Bangs
    Lucy started working at Lusta Hair this year and has since been playing around with all different hair colours. Lucy has had alopecia for the past few years, so she's been wearing wigs!
    Before Lucy lost her hair, her natural colour was a vibrant red, just like this wig. She was so happy to get a piece similar to her natural colour!

    red wig

  4. Elaine's Blonde Topper
    Our friend Elaine recently got this gorgeous blonde topper. Elaine's own hair is much shorter than this piece and she's been loving the extra length she gets from this topper. This topper has a super natural root colour which makes it look like its growing right out of her head! We love it.

    blonde topper

  5. Curly Wig
    Can you believe this piece was created through heat-styling? Yep. We became obsessed with styling our pieces to be curly this year. We played around with a bunch of curling techniques including mini-barrel curlers, straighteners and perming. So much fun!

    curly wigs

  6. Holly's Pink Wig
    Holly's pink wig LITERALLY went viral this year. Everyone is obsessed with this cute, baby pink look. The length on this is also STUNNING. Holly loved wearing this piece in the summer as it's so light and breeze. What do you think?

    pink wig

  7. Kim's Blonde Topper
    Kim also found her dream topper this year. After dying her hair blonde, she's been searching for the perfect blonde topper to match her new platinum locks. This piece she chose is just STUNNING. We love the dimensional blonde and darker root.

    blonde topper

  8. Nya's Brunette Wig
    This one is really special! This is Nya. She came to Lusta through our Children's Project, our free wigs for kids program. Nya is 14 years old and has alopecia. We love this dimensional brunette wig she chose. The face-framing on this piece is just gorgeous.

    brunette wig

  9. Gina's Blonde Topper
    Another blonde topper we're loving this year! Gina is an absolute QUEEN of blending. This piece features gorgeous honey-tones and is super dimensional. Such a perfect match to Gina's own hair.

    blonde topper

  10. Long Brunette Wig
    As we've said, we were obsessed with dimensional brunettes this year, and this piece is just STUNNING. The subtle highlighting in this piece gives it an added dimension and it looks incredible.

    brunette wig

That's a wrap! Which piece would you choose?


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