Have You Met Clingy Fibers?! 

clingy fibers

OMG you haven’t heard?! Lusta Hair is creating their very own range of hair fibers! Eeeeeek! We’re so excited!! If you haven’t heard about hair fibers yet, or want to know what is going to make Clingy Fibers soooo special, read on! 

Hair fibers are a super cool little invention which help your hair to appear thicker. They’re super easy to use, all you do is spray or shake the fibers onto thinning areas of your hair. With just a little sprinkle you can instantly fill in a widening partline or thinning patch. They’re also fantastic for filling in those thinner sections at the front of your hair when you’re doing tight ponytails!

There’s a bunch of different types of fibers out there that work slightly differently- the main two types are cotton fibers and keratin fibers. Clingy Fibers are made with only 2 ingredients, 100% Pure Organic Moroccan Cotton and Natural Pigment (just like your powder foundation). 

Why did we choose to make cotton fibers? Cotton fibers are completely natural and non-irritable. Keratin fibers often include many ingredients which can be harsh on sensitive scalps. Cotton fibers also have maximum clinging power. Your own hair has a natural electrical charge, and so does cotton. However, because these charges are opposite they ‘cling’ together (just like the positive and negative side of a battery!). Keratin fibers have the same electrical charge as your hair, so they don’t have this same clinging power. In fact, your hair actually repels keratin, so your fibers won’t last all day. 

clingy fibers

So what makes Clingy Fibers so amazing?? 

❤️ They aren’t moving anywhere! They’ll stay clinging to your hair until you wash them out with shampoo. 

❤️ They’re completely waterproof and sweat proof, so you don’t need to worry about getting caught in the rain. 

❤️ Natural, organic ingredients that are sensitive scalp friendly. 

❤️ Cling to your hair, not your scalp. 

❤️ Vegan & Organic 

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