My First Time....

Wearing hair toppers for the first time can be scary AF! I wanted to share with you the first time I wore hair. You might be able to relate to this, but I had so many fears and doubts running through my mind. What do I say if someone notices? OMG! Is it falling off? That person definitely was staring at my hairline. It was just like a constant dialogue in mind that everyone around me definitely noticed and was definitely judging me.

The first time I ever wore hair, I was working as a teacher in a high school. My students were the most observant 15-year-olds in the world. I remember one day I parted my hair differently and they asked me about it! Seriously, these guys noticed everything. So you can imagine how terrified I was, right? Having to explain to a bunch of teenagers that I was wearing a topper- which naturally leads to ‘What’s a topper, miss?, ‘why do you wear it though?’

But I wanted this! I wanted to start wearing hair. I was sick of having to wear my hair in a certain way to cover my thinning part line. I told myself that if I didn’t just face my fears and do it, I never would.

So I did it. I spent about 2 hours blending my piece in the morning. Putting it on, taking it off, adjusting, readjusting. I’d already been practicing for the past 2 weeks, but all the butterflies seemed to block my vision. Finally, I was happy with it. I twisted my hair and the topper together to make my blend absolutely seamless (this is now known as the ‘Lusta Signature Twist’!).

When I arrived at school, immediately I thought that every single person I passed was staring at me. I felt as though their eyes were lingering on my hairline for a little too long, and the question ‘what is going on with your hair?’ was just about to be asked. But no one said anything. And no one said anything during all of my lessons that day. One other teacher asked me if I dyed my hair. That was literally it. I kept running to the bathroom all day to check my hair in the mirror. Was it falling off? Has the whole thing moved to one side? Was it noticeable? But every time I went to the mirror it looked completely fine.

Looking back, no one was actually looking at my blend. No one was analysing my hairline. It was all in my head. I am SO proud of myself for just going for it and wearing the hair that day. It can be bloody scary, I totally understand, but once you do it, you’ll never look back.

But what if the worst happens? Someone does actually notice? Don’t panic! Here’s my tips for what to do when someone comments on your hair.

If you’re still worried about wearing hair and looking different, watch this video about wearing hair undercover.

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