My Hair Fell Out Overnight.... Lucy's Hair Loss Journey

Meet the very cool 17 year old, Lucy!


Lucy has been working with us at Lusta Hair for about a year now. She's behind the scenes styling all our toppers and wigs before we send them out to their new homes. She's the best!

But Lucy didn't find Lusta through a job ad, na-ah. She found us because she's on her own hair loss journey. And it's quite the wild one.

Lucy's hair loss story began back when she was just 14 years old. One day she woke up, just like any other, and there was hair all over her bed. Like...a lot of hair. She still had hair on her head, but there were full patches of hair missing. Safe to say, she was overwhelmed. She had gone from thick, red hair one day, to patches of hair missing the next.

hair loss
This is Lucy's hair before it fell out.

Over the next four days Lucy's hair began falling out more and more each day. And not just the hair on her head, but the hair all over her body. Lucy and her family rushed to the doctor to find out the cause. After being given the all-clear for any other illnesses, Lucy recieved her alopecia diagnosis.

Lucy during those very scary four days (still smiling!)

For some people, that's where the story 'ends'. Their hair falls out and never grows back. But alopecia really does have a mind of its own and the experience can look very different person to person.

For Lucy, that's meant she has gone on a roller coaster of her growing back and falling out over the years since her first hair shed.

Lucy came to Lusta for a new wig about a year ago. This is what her 'hair' looked like at the time.

human hair wig

Lucy has found that her hair falls out about once every 3-6 months. More recently, Lucy's hair was having a HUGE growth spurt. It grew continously for most of the year. Even getting long enough to put into little mini ponytails.


But again.... alopecia had other plans. A few weeks ago, Lucy's hair began falling out again. Leaving her with several patches all over her head.


This roller coaster of hair loss has been incredibly difficult to deal with. The ups and downs, the hope, the grief... it's a lot for a teenager to take on! But Lucy's positive attitude has really kept her going over the years.

Some days Lucy's hair loss doesn't bother her too much. Others, it can really get her down. But the down days don't last forever.

Lucy also LOVES being able to change up her look with wigs. Here are some of the gorgeous pieces in her hair collection.

human hair wig

human hair wig

human hair wig


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