Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing Your First Human Hair Topper

So you're ready to dive into the world of hair wearing! I know you're feeling all the feels right now. Excited. Nervous. Overwhelmed. All of it! Human hair pieces are often an investment which will last you for years of daily wear, so it's not an overnight decision.

Let's work through this together and go step-by-step to make this whole thing a little less overwhleming.

Step 1: Book a Chat

The BEST place to start with purchasing your first human hair piece is by booking a free chat. At Lusta Hair, we offer free virtual consults where you get to chat through everything you need to know about entering the alt hair world. I know you have so many questions (or maybe you're not even sure what questions to ask!) and a virtual chat is the best way to get them all answered.

Step 2: Find the Right Length

Okay, now that you've had your chat and had all those questions answered, it's time to work out the right piece for you (if you need help with this, you can always send us a message).

Let's start with working out which length you'll need. It's important to note that different brands measure the length of their pieces differently, so make sure to check with the brand you're purchasing from how they measure the length of their pieces. At Lusta, we measure the length from a middle part to the ends of your hair. Watch this video to make sure you're measuring correctly.

We reccomend choosing a piece which is approximately 2 inches longer than your own hair. This will allow for your hair growing (you don't want to constantly be at the hairdresser for trims!) and for styling. For example, if your hair measures 16 inches long, go for an 18 inch piece.

Step 3: Choose Your Cap Size

There's a lot of different cap sizes in the hair world. At Lusta, all our cap sizes are considered 'large'. We stock 3 different cap sizes, 7"x7", 8"x8" and 9"x9". After years of wearing hair and after receiving feedback from our customers we decided to stock these 'larger' cap sizes as they are the most comfortable and don't cause more hair loss like smaller cap sizes may do. Smaller caps mean that the clips will need to attach to crown of your head, where most people experience the most significant hair loss. This can cause more hair loss over time and we want to do everything to avoid that!

Cap size is the least important aspect when choosing your hair topper. All of our cap sizes work for most people and there is only a 1" difference between each size. The only reason why you'd need to opt for one cap size over another is if you have any sensitive areas where the clips attach. Watch this video for more info.

Step 4: Choose Your Colour

Choosing the right colour topper is the most important aspect for making sure your topper looks natural and blends well with your own hair.

Luckily, when you shop with Lusta, we take all the hardwork (and headaches) out of choosing the right colour piece. All you have to do is send us some selfies in direct, natural lighting and we'll find the perfect colour match for you. It's important to take accurate photos, so check out this guide on taking the best colour matching photos.

Once you've decided on these three things you're ready to take the plunge! If you have more questions or need any advice in choosing the right piece, don't hesitate to reach out.


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