Taking Care of Thinning Hair

You know how much we love wearing alternative hair. Hair toppers are the only solution I’ve ever found for my hair loss that actually worked. Although I’ll probably be wearing a topper well into my 80’s 😂, I still want to keep the bio hair that I do have healthy and support its growth. Let’s talk about how to take care of thin or thinning hair.

First off, investing in some good quality, salon-grade shampoo and conditioner is one of the best ways to take care of your hair. If you already wear toppers or wigs, you’re probably already using these good quality products on your piece, so you can use these on your bio hair too. Everyone has a different hair type, so you might want to talk to your hairdresser about what type of product is best for you. Usually women with hair loss have very thin hair which tends to get greasy or oily very quickly. If this sounds like you, look for salon-grade products that combat oil build up.
Choosing the right products is the first step. The second step is to formulate a good washing routine. Because thinner hair tends to get oil build-ups quicker than thicker hair, you should actually be washing your hair less often. Again, everyone is different, so it can take a bit of trial and error to find the right routine for you. Usually women with thin hair find washing their hair 1-2 times per week is perfect. When washing, be sure to only use a small amount of shampoo and conditioner. Using too much product can cause build-up and clog your hair follicles.

It’s important to be gentle with thinner hair. Try to avoid brushing your hair when it’s wet. When your hair is wet, it’s like spaghetti- super easy to break. Instead you can opt to gently comb with a wide-tooth comb. Whilst we’re on the subject of being gentle with your hair, avoid hairstyles that put a lot of tension on your hair. For example, tight high pony tails can be super harsh on your hair. Of course it’s fine every now and again, but doing this style daily can cause tension and further hair loss.

Heat styling your hair can also cause damage and further breakage. Just like high ponytails, heat styling is totally okay in moderation. However, if you’ve been straightening your hair on a daily basis, you might want to reconsider. If you are using a straightener or curler on your hair, definitely invest in a good quality heat protectant!
Letting your hair air dry at least 75% of the way is another great way to take some of the pressure off your hair.

Another great way to protect your bio when you sleep is by using a silk pillowcase. I am OBSESSED with my silk pillowcase. The silk is meant to be a lot gentler on hair and skin than typical cotton pillow cases. It helps to stop your hair from tangling throughout the night and, unlike cotton pillows, it doesn’t absorb bacteria.

Did you know that the whole ‘cutting your hair will help it grow’ thing is a complete myth 🙊. So no, chopping your hair off isn’t going to make it magically grow. But getting regular haircuts and trims is still great for your hair. Regular haircuts mean you are constantly getting rid of split ends. If split ends are left for too long, they travel up the hair shaft, splitting the strands in half and making your hair appear even thinner.

So there you have it! These are all the ways that I protect my hair from thinning and hair loss. Of course there’s only so much that I can have control over. Genetic hair loss is pretty stubborn like that 😂

If you have any tips for taking care of your bio hair that we haven’t already shared, we’d love to hear them! Email us at hello@lustahair.com ❤️


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